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Jewel out Findley in to please the Sirleafs?

Jewel out Findley in: CDC makes last minute adjustments to please the Sirleafs

Withdrawal possible

The election law says you can withdraw a party’s nominee 12 days before the printing of the final listing of candidates. The Coalition for Democratic Change chief strategists are going to exploit this opportunity to legally effect this last minute change demanded by Ellen and Robert Sirleaf as a funding prerequisite.

2014 Ali Sillah redux

Those who can remember the drama that was the 2014 Montserrado Senatorial contest, will have no problems believing a last minute pull out by an induced candidate. After all they have seen it before, the young Ali Sellah who was representing the ruling Unity Party made similar last mte pull out of the senatorial contest on health grounds. Ali was reportedly given a handsome upfront payment of cash and a cushy diplomatic role in the Middle East for his troubles. This same move is being made again by Senator Taylor who is trading her running mate slot for a huge pay out and guaranteed Senate leadership. We are reliably informed that her absence at the CDC campaign launch was made possible by a $200,000USD payment.

Taylor’s name and his fears

Well before the NPP and Charles Taylor could catch on to Weah’s realignment play, Jewel had already cut herself in to the deal with the Sirleafs and Weah. So as things stands Senator Taylor has managed to please former President Taylor and President Sirleaf by her single act of staying away from the launch.

Mr. Taylor [sources say] believes the Senator’s absence was in obedience to his orders, whereas the action was done to signal commitment to the back door deal with President Sirleaf. Weah and Jewel will use the excuse of Taylor’s bad international reputation to silence party hardliners who question the new change in plans. The official line is that for CDC or Coalition for Democratic Change to get America’s blessing and win the election they need to put distance between Weah and Taylor.

Greasing Boakai’s lips and filling Weah’s pockets

The trip made to the campaign headquarters of the Unity Party by President Sirleaf [recently] was meant to divert attention away from her CDC game and make it look like all is well with she and her Vice President. It was a means of shutting people like us up and discredit those who are predicting her move. I am told the President was shunned by Mo Ali who is acting Secretary General and the party’s chairman, Wilmot Paye. The pair are not fooled by the President’s gestures. Top sources at the Ministry of Finance report that Mrs. Sirleaf got the Central Bank and the Ministry to release 10million United States Dollars out of the public coffers about a week ago. The amount is the same amount allotted in the 2017/2018 budget for the renovation of the Executive Mansion. We are told by MOF [sources] that the funds where released even before the budget was signed in to law. The funds will be used [to] buy leverage in these final days of electioneering.

Findley, former Senate leader /

We are told a major upfront payment was made to Weah before the CDC campaign launch. The condition was that, he would parade Findley and test the public reaction to a Weah-Findley ticket. The plan is to give Weah more money if he is able to do the deed and secure the adjustment the Sirleafs demand.

—Menipakei Dumoe

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