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China is cheating Africa

The Editor

China which gets its raw material from Africa turns around and sell for us finished products. While Africa export to China is mostly raw material at estimated value of about $60 billion a year, we turn around and buy the finished products and we spend over $500 Billion in China.

Same predicament faces us when it comes to western countries. The west uses their institutions like World Trade Org.(WTO) to clump down on our goods by claiming that they do not meet international threshold, that way they keep dumping their goods, still our resources and kill our manufacturing.

Solution; Africa with it’s over one billion population should have a continental trade policy in place that every African country must follow or be kicked out of AU. The policy should enforce of over 75% of all African trade are done within Africa. Both western countries and China are only interested in one thing, turning a continent of over one billion into consumers. If you buy and not produce, you will always remain in perpetual poverty. If I was a leader, I would BAN any single import of agricultural products from outside the continent, start from there and slowly take it all the way to machinery. Somethings need to be forced down the people’s throat, especially food production. Agriculture and engineering studies should be paid for by the governments.

—Shower Derrick

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