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The Liberian People Party will support the ideals of Pan Africanism

The Editor

The Liberian People’s Party (LPP) comes with ideas that run parallel with its candidates’ struggle history and their clean record of service to the motherland!

So, we have not heard the elements saying our candidates siphoned state resources when they served in appointed positions. We have not heard them say our candidates lived extravagantly at the expense of state resources. They have not told the public that our candidates were ever involved in the abuse of power for personal benefits. They will not, because there are no records in our political history about Dr. Fahnbulleh and Dr. Dahn being associated with any vices in our society. Throughout their existence, they laid their lives on the line for noble causes. They dedicated themselves to the struggle for human dignity in Liberia, Africa and the world at large.

Furthermore, the elements have no counter to the LPP’s creation of a popular Congress where we will have leaders of the trade unions, health workers association, youth and students association, teachers association, famers association, disables association, and etc represented at the National Legislature. They have no debate against the LPP’s plan for the devolution of power where local parliaments will be created in each county; they have not rejected the LPP’s support for dual citizenship and the maintenance of a secular state.

We have not heard them say Dr. Fahnbulleh and Dr. Dahn’s plan to prosecute alleged corrupt officials of this government and past governments is wrong. We have not heard them demonize our support for restorative justice. They frown on not our plan to habitually conduct lifestyle audit of public officials in our fight against corruption. The elements from the other side have not negated the LPP’s plan to support Pan Africanism and establish foreign relations with every nation of the world not based on ideological difference but based on adherence to international laws and protocols.

They have no rebuttal to how the LPP will mobilize capital (money) to support capital expenditure (social programs) in education, health care, infrastructure, security, agriculture, social welfare, and etc. They have not done so because there is nothing contradictory in the partial nationalization of the major means of production which will give government substantial shares in the private profits of corporations instead of only receiving taxes and rents from those private corporations.

Boimah Fahnbullen Jr, Liberian people Party presidential candidate

They have not spoken against the LPP’s plan because there noting wrong in registering all businesses with the net worth of 500,000.00USD on a Liberian stock exchange where government will be allowed to purchase shares and subsequently use its various dividends accrue from those shares to improve education, health care, infrastructure and even open a citizens’ bank where local entrepreneurs, farmers and etc. will be given access to public finance. They will never speak against the creation of state owned farms in the various counties as the first step to introducing merchandise agriculture and improving agriculture in Liberia since no private citizen have the capital to invest in the sector.

—Moses Uneh Yamia

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