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The Cummings-Sulunteh ticket poised to emerge victorious

The Editor,

As the Cummings-Sulunteh ticket poised to emerge victorious on 10-10-17 it will bring with it a legislature that will also be ANC-led. The Cummings-Sulunteh ticket is doing many things that have never been done before in any Liberian election. Some of the things include a vetting process to ensure that quality candidates are chosen for the Liberian legislature on the ANC ticket as to ensure the sweeping reforms the Cummings-Sulunteh administration will be proposing are passed into law. ANC and the Cummings-Sulunteh ticket are traveling deep inside Liberia’s heartland to recruit untainted individuals for their legislative caucus.

Liberians are insisting that things must be different in the three branches of the Liberian government, not only at the Executive and Judiciary but also at the Legislature. We all know how terrible many members of the current Legislature are. To many Liberians these are bunch of thieves who have no idea what it means to be a representative or senator. We have 2 presidential tickets in this race for two major parties who are consist of members of the Legislature. They include the George Weah-Jewel Howard Taylor, both are senators, and you have the Joseph Boakai -Emmanuel Nuquay ticket. Joseph Boakai as vice president presides over the senate, and Nuquay a long representative who later became speaker of the House now presides over the house of representatives.

Under all these people watch in the Liberian Legislature, 68 concession agreements were passed into law, however, only 2 of those agreements met international standards, the rest were bogus, and Joseph Boakai who been the president of the senate for the past 12 years signed each of these bills, while Jewel Howard who have been in senate also for the past 12 years voted for all these bills with George Weah voting for some due to his late coming to the senate. Emmanuel Nuquay as representative voted for all of these bogus bills and approved some as speaker.

According a report, that was released by retired Associate justice Gladys Johnson, women living the areas of the country in which concession companies operate are very poor and the report blamed members of the Liberian Legislature for signing these bogus agreements that empowered these concession companies to exploit our people. The former associate justice then made a nationwide appeal for Liberians to vote against current members of the Liberian Legislature. Starting with the House of representatives who are all up for re-election in 2017.

Alexander Cummings and his ANC team are said to be having a training like sessions with those who are on their ticket for the legislature regarding how to behave as a legislator or lawmaker. Unlike the other parties who pick those who offered the largest sum of money and see the running for the legislature as an investment and a get rich quick scheme. The Cummings-Sulunteh Ticket seeks an up and down vote for their ballot.

—P Nimely-Sie Tuon

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