Liberian Defense Officials Neglect AFL Soldier Corporal Jefferson?

Corporal Titus Jefferson is fighting for his life.

Staff Report

With dire economic conditions confronting Liberia and ordinary Liberians, reports say, the post war reconstruction era, has seen almost every major development indicator under the Unity Party led govt of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf underperformed the last few years with with runaway corruption endemic, with health and education the main victims and culprits, even as govt officials over paid themselves. For example, a Liberian legislator makes upward of about 15, 000 dollars monthly, in a country with a national budget under 700million, and where hospitals lack drugs and equipment. Officials fly themselves out of the country while ordinary citizens are left to appeal for SOS, to seek medical treatment, or they are forced to face the wrath of the broken health care, or die at the mercy of their own sorrows. Education is in tatters so are roads, electricity and massive corruption, according data obtained— as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf leaves power after a 12 year reign next January.

A classic example of late, has been Grand Cape Mount Senator Varney Sherman, who while at work, reports say suffered a major heart attack, and had to be rushed to the national referral hospital the JFK, that lacks equipment and critically needed drugs. Worse, there was no ambulance to transport the senator to the hospital as he was ferried in a private car; seemingly, lessons not learnt from Ebola, with almost all ambulances donated disappearing within a month of the scourge being declared beaten. However, Sherman after about two weeks at the local hospital fled the country for the United States, having sought permission from the courts to travel, since in fact he is under indictment for corruption charges stemming from the Global witness probe

But not so lucky, reports say, is Armed Forces of Liberia Soldier Corporal Titus Jefferson who might die in the country because he is not a bigshot, and has been neglected, though wounded while on national duty. According to reports, he was injured while on assignment in Mali, through a UN peace keeping mission effort, and is slowly dying in Monrovia, with no support from the government that send him in the first place, according to sources.

Social media have erupted and Liberian citizens both at home and abroad, have expressed disappointments in their government’s failure to look after the Armed Forces of Liberia [AFL] soldier, Corporal Jefferson, who is currently admitted at the Catholic hospital. Few months ago, a rocket attack launched against the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) Camp by members of the Islamist militant terrorist group in Timbuktu, took its toll with the Liberian amongst the wounded. The Liberian corporal was one of those hurt in the attack, according to wired reports. Current efforts to stabilize him while steady has not yielded the necessary results to see him recuperate in time as his condition remains horrible.

It seems appeals from well-meaning Liberians to have the government of Liberia through the ministry of defense do something tangible has also yielded little to no results. Unfortunately, the young AFL soldier, Corporal Jefferson is found lying at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, desperate and fighting for his life.

“This is very sad, that he is left to die after they were attacked by members of the Islamist militant groups in Mali, while serving his country,” says a Liberian. “Today as the condition of our solider deteriorates at the Catholic Hospital with no consideration to have him treated elsewhere; we are calling on the government of Liberia, the national legislature and all well-meaning Liberians to support our effort to have this brother taken for proper treatment. Members of the Armed Forces of Liberia are special citizens of Liberia and as such, he cannot be left to die in such dishonorable manner.”

Writing on her face book page, commentator, Florence Aitkins penned, “Look, if this was any Government of Liberia [GOL] official family member by now he/she would have been [flown to] India. What crime have we committed as ordinary Liberians [for which] we are treated like low class animals. Now, to this GOL that we voted for to change our country, but instead they have made us mere beggars; please save this man now. Your must not let him die. To the Defense Minister, if this was your son that was shot, you would have taken him out long time. I am angry and in pain why why why treat your own citizens like this; Titus must not die.”

Citizens are hopeful, that the soldier life will be saved by his government; as soon as possible before his condition worsened further. The Liberian government is yet to comment on the condition of the soldier, Army Corporal Titus Jefferson who was wounded in Mali while on duty for his country.

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