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Rapper Buckey Raw goes off on new release: Temptation


Trapco sensation Bucky Raw has released a brand new single titled “Temptation” on which he gets candid about corruption in Liberia, rapping about greed. The rapper a couple of weeks ago spoke to LIBSTARSVIEW intimating that a politician had reached out to him to help him, to help his campaign, and he refused, not wanting to get involved with corrupt leaders. Good God, not many will turn down such opportunity.

A native of Liberia, with residence in Philadelphia, Bucky Raw is an up and coming rapper who is ready to show case his talents for the world to see and hear his message through his music. Since the release of his 2009 mixtape, Foreign Quality, Bucky Raw has built a loyal fan base. His Fans are confident the artist can bring something fresh and new that is missing to the music industry. Currently, Bucky Raw is working on a new mixtape that will be released under the Child Soldier Entertainment Record Label.

With his 2009 single War Baby, Bucky spoke about his humble beginnings in the slums of Africa. As a child; Bucky had real like “Blood Diamond” and “Hotel Rwanda” experiences, having seen and been exposed to the things many could not imagine. These humbling experiences continued when Bucky and his family came to Philadelphia, where he was exposed to a new kind of street life. His act speaks about these experiences in various singles and freestyles: I Go Off and Half Barbarian. Rapping about life on the streets is not all that Bucky Raw music is about; the artist speaks on issues that are relevant in today’s society. With his 2012 single, Obama, he offered a positive message encouraging listeners to vote.

Liberian rapper Bucky Raw, going off

Bucky loves and appreciates his past experiences and accredits them for his passion and ability to offer a fresh and unique perspective to the world. The artist pays homage to his Liberian roots, often dropping bars in his native tongue. Bucky is a multi-dimensional artist that offers substance, reality, and a global appeal that is hard to find. Bucky plans to continue making music that is relative and relatable to audiences everywhere.

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