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Joseph Boakai and Ellen Johnson are one and the same

The editor,

After 12 years of what will be marked as one of the most corrupt administrations in Liberia’s history, it’s fair to conclude that Liberians are left with the same challenges. In 2005, Joseph N. Boakai and Ellen were aware that Liberia was faced with an staggering $3.7 billion external debt , where the per capita GDP was estimated to have declined 90% from US$1,269 in 1980 to $163 in 2005, and an unemployment rate of over 80 per cent.

Both were aware that there were no functioning public utilities. In fact, most Liberians had no access to electricity, water and basic sanitation facilities, or health care. Even worse, 99% of all medical services were provided by international non-governmental organizations and UN agencies. Also, Both were informed that Roads and bridges were needed to open up markets, increase employment, sustain humanitarian access to rural areas and expand the overall protection of the environment, all of which are still in dire need of repairs.

Additionally, they knew that the education system was dilapidated, with a dearth of qualified teachers and available resources to rehabilitate school buildings, lacking enormously, the same problems that still exists today, as the same Unity Party is seeking another six years to lead our destitute poor people.

During that same year, it was determined that there were no effectively functioning judicial system; outside of Monrovia. In fact, it was ruled that most courts were destroyed and trial-by-ordeal was not unheard of. There was a culture of impunity which was developed in the absence of justice and suggested that it must be replaced by respect for human rights and the rule of law, the same problems are still prevalent!

It’s now 2017, can we proudly state that these challenges were fixed by Joseph Boakai and Ellen after 12 years of leading Liberia?

Garcon Morweh,
Chicago, USA

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