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Cross Lines Premieres In Philadelphia This weekend

Philadelphia—Smooth Fusion Films will see a special movie premiere of “Crossed Lines” this weekend, June 9th in the United States, Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. This Premiere will provide the viewers with a Red Carpet Experience, Question and Answer session and an after party; Food & Beverages will also be on sale. The Movie Premiere is being hosted in an effort to expose the new movie to the public and raise funds in order to continue assisting with world-wide projects, such as: Feed the Hungry in Liberia; Support Ashmon Foundation’s Literacy Program; and recognize rising and aspiring actors and actresses. This special event will support Smooth Fusion Films future productions within the filming industry, according to a release.

“Crossed Lines” synopsis: McNeil, a DEA Agent with a massive chip on his shoulder has very little respect for law; aside from his own rules. In addition, Billy is an over-aggressive, Alpha male that demonstrates a constant need to feed his endless appetite with money and power. Truth is an aspiring rapper and a low-level dealer; he has a focused drive, doing whatever it takes to reach the music studio. Naja struggles with using narcotics from time to time, however she lives a good life. She is under great pressure to continue living a carefree and party girl lifestyle, though she wants to fix her life. Naja knows that her future is at stake and she must make wise choices. Living in a world of danger and consequences, choices must be made. But will the right choices be made?

Smooth Fusion Films was created in 2011 by Andrew P. Campbell and Aletha G. Jones-Campbell with major contributions from Joseph W. Mitchell. The main objective of Smooth Fusion Films is to create an unconventional, invigorating, quality production via a combined effort from a wide diversity of skilled and talented cast and crew members. The Producers were determined to remain true to the motto of Smooth Fusion Films while producing movies, “Somewhere in Baltimore” as well as the latest film production of “Crossed Lines” which has created interest and anticipation to fans worldwide. View the Official Trailer for the film at

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