Liberian lawmakers must include citizens during budget passage.

          By Nhinson Williams

Congressional budgets and appropriations have impact on job creation and job security as well as consumer and employers’ confidence so states’ labor market information offices and bureaus have significant interests.National budgets also impact so many things, including various programs that support families and communities, workforce training and more.In addition, the Maryland Career Development Association brings together workforce development professionals in the state as well as career counselors in various academic institutions .

Congress has managed to pass a stop gap budget to keep the government open and operational pending full passage of the national budget at a later date when both parties – Democrats and Republicans agree on a reasonable budget that fulfills the desire and goals of each side.As a Liberian, more concerning about President Trump’s budget is the reduction in foreign aid to developing nations, many of which have free loaders and corrupt political leaders.

A major and more interesting thing also was the level of interest various interest groups expressed in the passage of the US national budget.Some of these groups were on Capitol Hill to make themselves heard and to push members of Congress on their perspectives and budget priorities.I will hope African and in particular Liberian lawmakers will allow their citizens to be heard during budget passage.


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