Pres Gagame calls for urgent Africa Union reforms

President Paul Kagame has called for urgency in the implementation of the African Union reforms adopted at the last African Union Summit in January this year. The Head of State was speaking in Conakry, Guinea at the invitation of President Alpha Conde, the current Chairperson of the African Union. Alongside President Kagame were President Idriss Deby of Chad, and African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat. Read President Kagame’s full speech below: Good morning. It is a pleasure to be back in Conakry. I would like to begin by thanking…

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  By Manseen Logan   Few professional athletes are blessed enough to gain national support and sponsorship, allowing them to focus solely on the grueling competition process. Others have to muster up the time and money to train, travel, and compete.  Many Liberians find themselves in the latter group. In between full-time jobs, some Liberian athletes have the energy to not only train and compete, but also win. Their victories matched with the minimal support they often receive makes their medals even more impressive. African Championships and All Africa Games medal…

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Demonstrating true Liberian Identity

By: Jarwinken Wiah It was nearly 18 years ago that I was among other Liberian reporters and editors at a one-week encampment “Partnership for Media Reconstruction in Liberia” training held in Virginia, outside Monrovia from August 4-9, 1999. At the closing ceremony, one of the trainers from Britain, Phil Champagne, who was serving as a Consultant of the International Alert, urg…ed the participants “To Go Out There as Peace Ambassadors” for post war Liberia. The training was a Rehearsal Training for Senior Reporters and Editors. Looking back, and reflecting on…

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Open Letter to U.S. Senate Majority Leader

LETTER SENT TO U.S. SENATE MAJORITY LEADER ON REDUCING LAWMAKERS SALARIES IN LIBERIA   Dear Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Many thanks for your service to the American people and for your devoted interests in serving humanity as a US lawmaker. Through your involvement and concerns for global issues and matters, it is my strongest belief that the efforts applied by you and others have helped to continuously shape our world for the better. However, I urge you to consider parts of the world where the United States administration and…

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Monrovia comes alive with poetry readings this weekend

By Ralph Geeplay Monrovia will come alive his weekend, when the much anticipated and expected poetry reading takes place on the Congo Town Back Road, behind the Ministry of Health, and right opposite the Chinese Restaurant. Liberian writer and poetry enthusiast Forte Otheniel, who is headlining the event, says some of Liberia finest writers will be reading and in attendance, in what is expected to be an eventful night. Recent attempts to make Monrovia and adjacent cities the center of multiple readings is gradually paying off. These efforts are geared…

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After Liberia’s Costly Rioting, Great Soul‐Searching

  April 14 1979, is some 38 odd years ago, an important day nonetheless in Liberia’s trajectory and troubled recent history. We bring verbatim a New York Times piece of what actually happen on April 14, 1979   New York Times, MAY 30, 1979 By Carey Winfrey MONROVIA, Liberia, May 26 — The event is remembered here simply as “April 14.” On that day last month, at least 41 demonstrators protesting a proposed increase in the price of rice were shot and killed by army and police forces here, triggering…

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APRIL 12 1980: Remembering a stained legacy

John Weghorst In 1980, Samuel Doe was in charge of a beachfront security patrol near the Executive Mansion. Doe and his army friends grew up in meager conditions, mostly living in huts, with nothing much to eat and attending school when they could. In the army, life was not much better, just more wooden shacks with corrugated zinc rooftops. There was no electricity, no plumbing and no running water. One day, after having a few beers, Doe and his soldiers playfully talked about overthrowing the government. It started out as…

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Evidently, Presidents Doe, Taylor and Sirleaf brought on or prolonged the hardship, suffering, misery and grief the Liberian people are currently dealing with. Yet, each of these individuals entered the Presidency on a wave of popular support. Artists & Reviews Politics 

Biography of Sirleaf Illustrates Adichie’s ‘Danger of a Single Story’

By Brooks Marmon In an animated interview with The Atlantic, ‘On What Americans Get Wrong About Africa’, the acclaimed Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie observes, “I don’t think stereotypes are problematic because they are false, I think that’s too simple.  I think stereotypes are problematic because they are incomplete, so it is important constantly to question them.” It’s doubtful that Adichie would expect the plethora of positive media coverage surrounding Africa’s first female elected head of state to be problematic, but the publicity for a new biography of Liberian President…

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