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Liberia Must Invest More In Early Education

A graduate student in Strategic Management and Leadership at Harvard University in Boston, MA, Mr. Austin S Fallah, has called on those seeking political offices in 2017 to begin investing in the education of the future generation of the country. Speaking to journalists on the main campus of Hamline University, his Alma matter, when he attended the graduation ceremonies of some Liberians, the Harvard student observed that investing in the education of Liberia’s future generation will have direct positive impact on the socioeconomic and health systems of the country.

Mr. Fallah, who holds several undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics, software systems, business administration, finance, public administration, among others, said particular attention must be given to early childhood development, pointing out that developing children at an early stage will help “create non-adverse effects on the early environmental development of the skills of the children, thereby making them productive citizens, and at the same time reducing the social costs associated with children without marketable skills.”

He further said, investing in early childhood education will give children the early educational foundation of sincerity, not to cheat on exams or steal exams.

The young Liberian noted that failure on the part of politicians and the Liberian government to implement his advice will likely increase the already financial difficulties facing the ordinary Liberian people and also increase social issues within the country.
Addressing the Global Witness report, Mr. Fallah said, those whose names are linked to the report must appear at the Ministry of Justice to give their versions of the report. He said those who continue to deplete the resources of Liberia via corruption shall one day be brought to book through a competent court of jurisdiction.

Mr. Fallah said, as Liberians go to the polls in 2017, they must learn from the almost eleven years of corruption, lies, deceits, misrepresentation of facts, human rights abuses, strangulation of journalists, and false imprisonment of individuals who disagreed with her government, and elect individuals who will seek their welfare and use state resources for the betterment of the nation and its people.

“The Ellen government has hurt our current and future generations for so long, and continues to go with impunity without one condemnation from the international community but rather continue to support her corrupt empire,” he noted.
Meanwhile, Mr. Fallah has said the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on the Sable Mining Report lacks the moral authority to investigate anyone who has been accused of corruption because his hands are uncleaned.

He said an independent commission comprising the Liberia Council of Churches, the Muslim Council, the Press Union, the LACC, three professional lawyers (Cllrs. Amos Y Bartu, Beyan Howard, and Tiawon Gongloe), a member of the Liberia National Police, and a member of the legal arm of the Ministry of Justice with arresting and prosecutorial power should have comprised the task force.
He emphasized that by doing this, “it will enable the masses to bring she and other corrupt empire to justice, through a competent court of jurisdiction,” noting that “Ellen and her corrupt group should not go free. The best should be elected and not the worst.”

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