GW Liberia We must investigate the NOCAL as well

One of Liberia’s renowned human rights lawyers Cllr.. Taiwan S. Gongloe has said the fight against corruption being fought by president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf must not be the end, but rather encouraged her administration to go further.

Speaking to this paper at the Temple of Justice on Wednesday after Cllr. Varney Sherman and house speaker Alex Tyler were released on bill, said it was time for her to show her true color.

“I think this should not stop here. The fight against corruption must go beyond this point. Let her show her real iron lady color. If she is a real iron lady as people know her to be, then she needs to do more,” he said.

Cllr. Gongloe who served as solicitor General in president Sirleaf’s government, is on record for unsealing the indictment in 2006 which took former president Charles Taylor to prison in the Hague.

Gongloe continued: “we must investigate the NOCAL-National Oil Company of Liberia collapse as well. This is an entity set up by Taylor, who had bad human rights records. He did not stay to see what it would be and this government, credited for best human rights records and came on in power with a determination to fight corruption, made it bankrupt. This is very important.”

Cllr. Gongloe who later served as minister of Labor in Ellen’s government but resigned due to policy difference, said; “she needs to show her real juice. If she does not do so, it will be seen as witch hunt for certain people in the country. And if that be the case, then that will be wrong. She needs to go beyond the Global witness report. It should not stop with Cllr. Sherman and others. It must go further. It is not good that we have to get Global witness report before we start to act swiftly. I do know there are other corruption cases that are ongoing and they need work hard on it.” source

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