Liberia Global Witness Report: 11 Takeaways

My reading about this global witness report on key Government Officials and top notch Unity Party Officials

#1. Varney Sherman: This well-learned lawyer on two different Radio Stations, both ELBC & Prime fms admitted to doing business with Sable Mining. There’s no way I can doubt that Cllr. Sherman is out of this report, owing to the many financial immoral controversies linking him to the Bong Mines worker’s money, Firestone retire staffs back payments, etc etc. So what the #HELL, will someone vouch for ‘Cllr. Sherman’.

#2. Speaker Alex J. Tyler: It is shame that the Speaker is in the lime light of a shameful alleged corruption act. Just a year ago, the House of Representative were divided over the issues of the NOCAL fund linking the Speaker at the helm of everything. If we the people from Bomi County are really serious, I think we can solicit some level of maturity and citizens’ action to call for his impeachment through 10,000 signatures. The face of this Man from the County is a ‘REAL DISGRACE’. He’s admits to submitting to an ‘Independent Investigation’ but not the Task Force. With so much intolerable acts committed by this ‘Speaker’ he still have the ‘Boldness’ to come in public and speak?

#3. Dr. Richard V. Tolbert, Sr: Listening to the Costa Show this morning, the Talk show hosts mentioned that there was a check of US$50,000.00 written in his name, the following day a deposit of US$50, 000.00 was deposited in his personal account. Another shameless state actor. His uncle, former President William R. Tolbert, Jr. was assassinated in 1980 for corruption.

#4. Morris Saytumah: So how come the Minister of State at the time and now Senator of Bomi County is also at the center of this collusion? Maybe he was the one used as ‘Middle Man’ for the Executives. So why are the national leaders from Bomi County always at the center of alleged corrupt acts and controversies?

#5. Fomba Sirleaf: So allegedly the ‘President’s son also received his share to go on a shopping holiday in South Africa? So what brought the NSA into this deal? Anyway he’s one of the ‘Untouchables’ in the UP led govt.

#6. Willie Belleh: Public Procurement and Concession Commission [PPCC], so allegedly you also traded your integrity for alleged US$10,000.00 to change the PPCC law. If you say that the laws are still in tight please publish it for us, please SHOW the bidding requests and quotations, and the applications received for the Wologisi belt deal.

#7. Legislators: So the report says the legislators received US$5,000.00 each to temper with our mining laws? Anyway, it is a normal thing for an Honorable to receive such amount as low as US$5,000.00 dollars, we witnessed that during the proceedings which saw Rep. Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr removal as speaker.

#8. I.E. Majestic Sports Association: From my reading, US$20,0000 went to I.E to represent the common people. You mean, Richard Tolbert as President rallying support for I.E. was a perfect opportunity to get an arm length. How true it is that this money really went to I.E? Richard please say something.

#9. Dr. Charles Clarke, former Chairman of the ruling Unit Party is also at the center of this alleged corruption saga.

#10. Hon. Henry Fahnbulleh: Allegedly received US$25,000.00 as a buy out clause to release him from his position as the Secretary General of the ruling Unity Party. I don’t doubt this, I wont’t defend Henry Fahnbulleh.

#11. Big Boy 1 & Big Boy 2: There are two three readings in my mind: Firstly, It might be possible that Cllr. Sherman just used the code ‘Big Boy 1&2 and the US$500,000.00 came right back to the Cllr. Secondly, allegedly, Dr. Charles Clarke of the ruling Unity Party could have been Big boy 1 or 2 as pay off bonus or retirment package from the ruling unity party — hummm, thirdly, I will not hesitate not to mentioned ‘Big Boy Robert Sirleaf in this alleged saga as one of the ‘Big Boy 1&2, this is an open secret that Bob Rob is a giant in big deals.

Lastly, at my age and profession, I don’t believe everything, equally so I don’t doubt anything.
By: R Van Ross

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