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SIX QUOTES: Verbatim

1. “There is a high possibility that I will run.”
George Manneh Weah, The Congress for Democratic Change [CDC], and Montserrado County Senator who is expected to announce his run for the Liberian Presidency on April 28th this year. George Weah will be running for the second time as a candidate for president. He also ran as a vice presidential candidate in 2011, behind former Justice Minister Cllr. Winston Tubman.

2. “Assassins of the pen and airwave.”
—Len Eugene Nagbe, Liberia’s newly confirmed information minister criticizing the media, which he perceives as unfriendly to the Liberian govt. Nagbe, a former Minister of Transport and Youth and sport, was also a close confidante of president Charles Taylor and George Weah of the Congress for Democratic Change [CDC]. He left the CDC during the 2011 elections for the Unity Party.

3. I think, I wish I would have thought better about Government and media relations. I am not an expert on that, I am not a communication expert. I wish I had taken more time to see how we could have done it better.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in an interview with frontpageafrica’s editor Rodney Sieh, on her biggest regret during her nearly decade leadership. Sirleaf and the press has had a rocky relationship from the get go.

4. “Your leadership must not succumb to the trappings of nepotism, patronage, revenge and exclusion.”
Samuel Kofi Woods, Rights lawyer in a speech to AFFEL, the association of female lawyers in Liberia.

5. “The Unity Party is likely to retain the Presidency, the election in 2017 will be won with credibility and no institution in this country got credibility beyond the Unity Party,”
Wilmont Paye, Secretary General of the ruling Unity Party who is seeking the party’s chairmanship from Grand Cape mount County Senator Varney Sherman. The party chairmanship reports say is being hotly contested as convention looms.

6.“Impunity remained a serious problem despite intermittent and limited government attempts to investigate, prosecute, and punish officials who committed violations, whether in the security forces or elsewhere in the government.”
The U.S. Department of State Annual Human Rights Report on Liberia, chiding the Unity Party led Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s government for rights abuses, and the failure of the government on all layers [three branches] to provide the Liberian people the governance they need to improve their lives.

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