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SIX QUOTES: Verbatim

1. “The provision of basic education, free of cost, is not only a core obligation of states but also a moral imperative…privatization cripples the notion of education as a universal human right and — by aggravating marginalization and exclusion — runs counter to the fundamental principles of human rights law. It creates social inequity.”
Kishore Singh, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education criticizing Liberia’s Education Minister George Werner Public Partnership Program meant to outsource primary education to Bridge Academies an American based company back by Mark Zuckerberg, Face Book CEO.

2. “President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has today received and accepted the resignation of Justice Minister, Cllr. Benedict Sannoh.”
An Executive Mansion Press Release announcing the departure of Liberia’s Justice Minister, who was a key figure in briefing journalist last month during the high profile death of eminent citizen and former LPRC MD Harry Greaves. Greave died under mysterious circumstances, with many pointing fingers at the govt. for its inability to conduct conclusive investigation

3. “I will make no apologies for any of them; I don’t have a long list of qualified people.”
—-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in an interview with the Financial Times, defending her relatives and children appointment to higher positions in the Liberian govt. Critics of the president has accused her of nepotism, with some estimates that 17 relatives are holding plum posts. And three of her children to high governmental positions: an Advisor, a Security Chief and central Bank Governor

4. “Things are horrible at the JFK and we have to speak out, somebody needs to talk for things to change, so for them to come after me only for speaking out is something terrifying.”
Daylue Goah, former head of communication at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, in an interview with Frontpageafrica. Goah lost his job in the State of Wisconsin, USA, minutes after he appeared on a popular radio talk show lamenting a prolong worsened situation at the nation’s biggest and number one referral hospital.

5. I am not going to be a kingmaker; I am going to run straight for the highest office.”
—- Prince Johnson former warlord and now senator from Nimba County announcing his bid for the Liberian presidency next year. Johnson, his critics say has a virtual hold on home county, Nimba. Liberia’s second most populous province, regardless of what he says or does to the displeasure of many Liberians, which has made him the kingmaker the last two elections. Sources say Johnson often trade his support for incentives and remunerations.

6. “For some Mr. Johnson is all that is wrong with Liberian politics: a grisly hangover from a grisly past.”
David pilling the English based Financial Times reporter currently in Monrovia covering Liberian transition.

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