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Liberia Supreme Court Jailed Security Officer Over Bathroom Incident

By Hawa Wesseh

Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor ruled Wednesday, against security officer Levi Johnson of the RIA, sentencing him to one week jail time at the Central Prison in the Liberian capital of Monrovia. The Supreme Court of Liberia imprisoned the officer who works at the Robert International Airport (RIA) for what has been termed ‘disrespecting a female associate justice,’ and will now be remanded for one week.

Associate Justice Sie-A-Nyene Yuoh, sources say, got her feelings hurt and complained to her colleagues. According to sources, Justice Yuoh went to the airport last week to receive her husband who was returning to the country when the incident took place. On Wednesday this week, the ruling was handed down by the nation’s highest court.

“We must say however, the intentional disrespect purge the contempt. Wherefore, security guard Johnson is adjudged guilty of contempt for his unprovoked insults, disrespect. He is ordered incarcerated for one week commencing today up to Tuesday, April 5, 2016,”

Francis Korkpor, Liberia’s Chief justice ruled. Efforts by his legal counsel and the airport where he work, pleaded with the high court to show leniency on the client but the court have however now ruled in the matter.

Legal counsel representing airport officer Levi Johnson were summoned to the Supreme Court on March 28, to meet with the justices. Officer Levi Johnson had already been suspended from his job for one month before the ruling.

“In his submission to the Writ on March 29, 2016, Cllr. Warner [Levi Johnson counsel had] expressed his regrets over the action of Officer Johnson. However, Cllr. James [counsel for Justice Yuoh] recommended a two-week imprisonment as penalty for the alleged disrespectful behavior of the officer,” reported.

According to reports, Associate Justice Yuoh was in the bathroom when Officer Johnson knocked on the door having previously been told she could not entered the premises due to a new security regulation in place.

She then asked the security officers that she needed to use the restroom and was permitted, but would later tell the justice “My sister, leave this place; we are expecting guest in this place,” as he escorted her out of the area.

Sources say she complained to the bench of high court on which she sits that she was disrespected by the officer. sourced

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