Urey: public outcries and legitimate fears over suspicious deaths

Monrovia – Businessman and a contender for the 2017 presidential elections in Liberia, Mr. Benoni Urey says a wave of recent events in the country including the recent arrest of Vandalark Patricks, the mysterious deaths of Mr. Harry A. Greaves, Michael Allison and Dan Orogun are contributing to existing tense atmosphere in the country.

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia Friday, Mr. Urey averred that there have been sustained public outcries and legitimate fears over the suspicious deaths and the Government of Liberia is being blamed by certain segments of society for the slowness in putting to rest circumstances surrounding the suspicious deaths. “Adding to the simmering tension is the recent arrest of Vandalark Patricks on criminal libel and sedition charges based upon laws from our dark past. The arrest clearly shows the hypocrisy of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration, which was hailed internationally for signing the Table Mountain Declaration,” the presidential candidate added.

Table Mountain Reminder

Mr. Urey who returned to Monrovia this week from a business trip, said during his absence, he constantly kept abreast of happenings in the country through conversations with family, friends, political allies, people in government, business associates and ordinary Liberians. “I also followed events through online news outlets and on social media. Since my arrival home, I feel the simmering tensions in the country by newspaper reports, radio talk shows and from the views of ordinary men and women in the streets.”
Mr. Urey took aim at ruling Unity Party government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who he reminded, signed the Table Mountain Declaration on July 21 2012.

Said Mr. Urey: “Our Nobel Laureate head of state affirmed “We are signing the Declaration of Table Mountain in order to underscore our message loud and clear, to advance a free press and freedom of expression, not just in Liberia but the entire continent of Africa,”.

Mr. Urey reminded President Sirleaf that the foundation of the Table Mountain Declaration is the decriminalization of speech. “In fact you pledged to change criminal libel laws. source fpa

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