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Liberian activist accused religious community of complicity

Monrovia – The head of the Coalition for the Transformation of Liberia, Archie Sarnor has accused the religious community of bias in addressing the arrest and throwing behind bars of rights activist Vandalark Patricks. Sarnor disclosed that the Liberia Council of Churches, the Muslim Council of Liberia and the Inter Religious Council have all been silent on the arrest of Patricks. He said with the way the religious community is mute on the Vandalark Patricks issue it suggests that they (religious Community) in support of government action against its own citizen.

“The religious community is not talking anything about the arrest of our friend and brother Vandalark Patricks, from the way our religious people are silent on this Vandalark Patrick arrest it suggests to us that they are in favour of government, we are calling on the Council of Churches, the Inter Religious Council of Liberia, the Muslim Community and all well-meaning Liberians to join forces in calling for the release of Patricks,” he noted.

In 2013 Political stakeholders and religious groupings worked to get the planners of the infamous demonstration on April 12, 2013 which at the time coincided with National Fast and Prayer Day to abandon their planned civil disobedience action. The head of the Coalition for the Transformation of Liberia, Sarnor was one of the main planners of the failed 2013 April 12 demonstration.

Speaking at a news conference in Monrovia, Sarnor argued that the same group of people who appealed on government behalf are now sitting quiet while government is holding one of its members of the April 12 demonstration. “During the time we wanted to demonstrate, they begged us but now they are not talking to the government to release our man, if they allow us to take the streets tomorrow in protest they will be the same people to talk again,” he stressed. Sarnor clarified that Vandalark Patricks is not alone in his (Patricks) struggle, saying, those who are claiming that Vandalark Patricks is being abandoned are not saying the fact.

“Vandalark Patricks is not alone in this struggle, we are behind him until the end, this President and her evil forces will not kill us, as for me I want to die in jail under President Sirleaf regime let them come and arrest me as usual, you see in this bag I have my toothbrush, toothpaste and tower ready to be placed behind bars,” he noted displaying items he mentioned.

Activist Archie Sarnor is arrested by the LNP
Activist Archie Sarnor is arrested by the LNP

He continued: “If Madam Sirleaf can tell the whole world that she will determine the next President come 2017, it is possible that she can eliminate her opponents and politicians to clear the way for her plan, there are lots of secret killings already ongoing who should we blame for those killings? We will blame government and we are not afraid to blame government,” he noted.

The Liberia National Police arrested Sarnor, and many others who were chanting slogan “Free Vandalark Patricks Now” on the premises of the Temple of Justice Sarnor on Monday February 29, 2016 was arrested and placed behind bars by the Liberia National Police when angry demonstrators stormed the yard of the Temple of Justice calling for the release of right Patricks. Sanor was later released after spending hours in Police custody for his involvement in the demonstration staged by group citizens in Liberia. culled Genoway

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