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A Poem: Night falls in Kanweaken

Night falls in Kanweaken

ralph geeplay

As night falls the sun

its far-flung self faded
Then wives having fought
their day’s battle filed
Themselves fatigued like

Militia on the petite village road

look they hunt God
Their kinjas slightly
poised on their heads
They march with regal posture

As wanting Youngs

their backs
Like leaves to branches
Their inundated perturbed hearts
For yearning, for

Craving to do more–

little else can
they bid but breast milk
Husbands stroll behind meek
Speaking in the

Murmurs only men can lick

spiky cutlasses they whip
Their backs and legs to keep
The tsetse flies away steep
As night falls in the jungle deep

In the rain forest hush

falls hurriedly in Kanweaken!!
And now then only the chirp chirp
of the pepper bird resonates
Wives matter little else

But the new rice fields

howl for cause to clouds
Offspring swathe their backs
utter soft moans
Thunders knock the skies!

The wrath of heaven roars

was the new day
What was has vanished
this now is famine
The locust came and razed,

The village lies in tatter

after the wars—
all smiles gone and
Behind them a smoke
rise to the the heavens

The slash and burn

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