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Former police Boss, Chris Massaquoi, is under police probe in connection to the death of Journalist Tyron Brown. According to reports, Jonathan Williams, the suspected murderer of the journalist, told police investigators that he immediately called Mr. Massaquoi who drove on the scene, where the deceased was killed. Politics 

Safety Concerns Raised For Former TRC Commissioner

I have over the past few days received so much expressed concerns about my safety and that if I don’t keep my Zipper Mouth shut or put away my “Poisonous pen” I may likely end up like Harry Greaves.

To all you wonderful folks I say a big Thank You for your concerns but let me just ask what recourse have these perpetrators of evil given us?

They kill, they plunder, steal in broad daylight and ostentatiously flaunt their ill gotten wealth in our faces. And they expect us to cower in silence with growling bellies and hungry children starring you on the face asking Papa we will not cook today? They don’t know it but we feel it, we live it and we are of it.

Consider the case of the late Ballah Scott who was murdered on cold blood and the Police has yet to make any arrests. Ballah was a young man who had worked at the JFK for many years.

During the civil war, when nearly all doctors and medical staff had fled, he without prior training started working in the JFK lab as an assistant gradually working his way up thru mentoring and self study and eventually became proficient. Later he would complete his university degree and continue to work at the JFK in a different stead in administration.

As it turned out Ballah got sick and had to be hospitalized right at the JFK, the very hospital at which he had spent so many years in service. After a short while, Ballah mysteriously disappeared from his hospital bed.

Hospital administrators declared that Ballah had been discharged yet he was nowhere to be seen. A search was mounted for him and a few days later, Ballah’s body was discovered hidden somewhere on the hospital grounds.

To date, the Police have not come up with answers. Ballah was known by his peers as an unapologetic critic of official malpractices at the JFK and it appears that for this reason he was silenced according to hospital colleagues. But Ballah was relatively unknown, a low profile person. His death occurred in 2012. Police spokesperson at the time was Sam Collins.

Four years later in 2016 it is the case of Harry Greaves and Police spokesperson today is the same Sam Collins. Then he was the face of the Police but, we have not heard a word from him.

Former TRC Commissioner J.H.T. Stewart
Former TRC Commissioner J.H.T. Stewart

Instead it is the Justice and Information Ministers who have been speaking on behalf of the Police. In other jurisdictions around the world, where homicide is involved, it is the Police that responds to public queries and provides updates as the investigation proceeds and may even offer rewards for information leading to the arrest of suspects.

But this has not been the case in Harry’s death and there are genuine fears that like other cases such as the Ballah Scott case, the public may not get answers from the Police as to who killed Harry.

John Stewart

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