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Liberia: Let the government go beyond pathologist reports

By Emmanuel Savice

The Liberian government must go beyond pathologist report and find the killer of former managing Director of Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC) boss, Harry Greaves, who died last week in Monrovia under suspicious circumstances.
According to the Monrovia based Daily Observer Newspaper, the outcome of an autopsy performed on the remains of the deceased yesterday, shows that the late LPRC boss died as a result of drowning.

The Liberian populace must demand from the government a professional investigation that will lead the Sirleaf government to the killer (s) of Harry Greaves as this matter can not be settled by a foreign pathologist professional views. Life taken away by drowning does not mean the late Harry Greaves was not murdered.

Failure once more on the part of government to find the killer (s) of another Liberian will leave fingers pointed directly to the Sirleaf government for the gruesome killing of Harry Greaves and others who died mysteriously under the Unity Party led government.
The killings of Mr. Keith Jubah, the former head of Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC), Mr. Fayaih J. Saah Gbollie, a former presidential candidate and Michael Allison, a renowned lawyer are among high-profile murders that have gone unsolved under the Sirleaf government.

It can be recalled that Mr. Keith Jubah was gunned down and his body set ablaze on November 2, 2009 in Morris Farm Community. Mr. Jubah’s job responsibility as head of a sensitive position might have caused him his life. sadly, no one was arrested and prosecuted for his death, and the case went cold.

Saah Gbollie was brutally murdered in broad day light at his Congo-town residence, and his vehicle stolen. According to relatives of Mr. Gbollie, he was apparently killed few hours after he dropped his two kids to school. The Liberian national Police (LNP) once
again was unable to find his killer (s).

Michael Allison and Harry Greaves were murdered in similar style and bodies found at the same spot. Their deaths bear a striking resemblance that should not be ignored by the government and people of Liberia. pathologist report in the case of Allison pointed to death by drowning. The LNP was unable to bring the perpetrators to justice on grounds that there were no foul play.

Lawyer Michael Allison is murdered while working on a case associated with nocal, no arrest as is Saah Gbolie former candidate for president
Lawyer Michael Allison is murdered while working on a case associated with nocal, no arrest as is Saah Gbolie former candidate for president

We can not allow the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government to convince us that Harry Greaves death was not planned and carry-out by murderers living and working in our country. If the LNP is unable to solve four murders, we must now start thinking as a people that the killers have political authority and is protected by the security of the state.

Let the government go beyond pathologist report and investigate family members, friends, oppositions and members of government to bring this matter to closure, We will not accept the fourth murder without justice!

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