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Greaves Death: PUL Decried Threats Against Journalists

The Press Union of Liberia has demanded an immediate halt to increasing threats being made against Liberian journalists.

These concerns are due to numerous reports by journalists about anonymous and threatening remarks being made against them in the face of leads they are providing to the Harry Greaves mysterious death.

This is also backed by rumored planned clamp down on dissent, in the face of the courageous journalism which exposed crucial allegations of high level police involvement in armed robbery and other serious crimes in the country.

According to a release, “No level of reporting should constitute any harm against journalists,” Press Union President Abdullai Kamara warned, and called upon the Government of Liberia to demonstrate its support for a free press by standing in defense of journalists’ reportage on occurrences in our country.

Kamara expressed the Press Union’s concern about growing security issues in the country, given the ongoing withdrawal of UNMIL from Liberia, and called for the government to show its commitment to provide security, especially and including for government critics, political opposition and journalists, who are in the front of exposing short coming in our society.

PUL said moving forward in peace and stability requires the collective effort of all Liberians, including journalists and the government, to respond to the growing insecurity.

Meanwhile, the Press Union of Liberia is calling for the immediate arrest of all senior police officers and related persons named in the recent probe of armed robbery and related crimes, as a mark of allaying citizens’ apprehension about the worsening security situation in the country.

The Press Union is also seeking an early release of findings in the open, violent confrontation involving state security personnel within the presidential motorcade and those assigned with the Director of Police.

“We need to understand what happened, and what is being done to address such recklessness that is adding to fear and insecurity in our country,” Press Union President Kamara lamented.

The Press Union notes that until the government takes clear and concrete actions to address these claims, the community will continue to suffer fear and insecurity, especially in the face of unresolved and suspicious deaths, including in the cases of Victoria Zayzay, Michael Allison and Fayiah Gbollie, as well as numerous allegations of ritualistic killings which continue to create an aura of insecurity in the country.

The Press Union is meanwhile admonishing journalists to continue their work of seeking out and disseminating news and information to the Liberian pubic in a most professional way. “This is our contribution to making Liberia a better place,” Kamara concluded.

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