Liberian Police seeks Opposition Politician Arrest

Monrovia – The mysterious death of the former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LRPC) is taking twist and turns with the Liberia National Police putting under house arrest the political leader of the opposition Movement for Progressive Change, Simeon Freeman.

Police officers heavily guarded the residence of the MPC political leader Saturday preventing his movement and during a visit at the scene, Police officers hassled FrontPageAfrica reporter, preventing the taking of photographs and also deleting some photos already captured. Reporter Edwin Genoway was arrested, handcuffed, thrown at the back of a vehicle marked LNP 6 and briefly detained by the Police for visiting the residence of Freeman that has been described as a crime scene by the Police.

When FPA inquired on the arrest of report Genoway, one officer who failed to call his name said the compound of Freeman is now a crime scene therefore visiting such scene is against security operations. Over fifteen well-armed Police officers from the Police Support Unit (PSU) and others from the riot unit were deployed all holding long and short range riffles around the compound of the opposition politician.

The situation instilled fear amongst residents of the community with parents running to get their children home early. Pedestrians were prevented from using two community roads around the residence of Freeman. One senior Police source told FrontPageAfrica that the residence of the opposition political leader has been declared a crime scene but failed to elaborate further on why the movement of Freeman is being prevented.

Evading arrest

According to Police sources Freeman was invited by the Police to provide more information on a startling revelation he made naming ten individuals as those blacklisted by the Government to be assassinated. In commenting on the recent death of Mr. Greaves and other deaths in the country Freeman said the government has designed a plot to assassinate opposition politicians including him.

Freeman during a news conference on Thursday said “Ten people that are critical on this government and am told that I am one of them even on that list that supposed to be eliminated by this government, we heard that Daniel Chea, George Weah, Benoni Urey and many others are on that list”. The opposition politician revealed that ten individuals have been placed on the death squad list and are at risk of being eliminated.

“There are rumors that the government has formed a death squad, these rumors are all around even in newspapers that there is blacklist of critical persons, ten people that are critical on this government and am told that I am one of the persons even on that list that supposed to be eliminated,” Freeman said. A day following the statement, the Liberia National Police is said to have invited Freeman to provide details on his revelation but he is said to have refused to obey the Police request.

“We invited Freeman because he made a grave revelation but he said he needs a written communication and there is no law that says the Police should write an individual when needed for questioning, so we went to court for warrant to arrest him”, a Police source told FPA on the basis of anonymity. The Police source said Freeman is evading arrest and the Police will do all to have him avail himself to provide information on his alleged blacklist of individuals placed on death squad by the government.

Freeman phones were off on Saturday as he could not be reached but sources have indicated that opposition politician is likely not at home. The mysterious death of Mr. Greaves has sparked anger amongst Liberian with many individuals and institutions criticizing the government for failing to protect the citizenry. Mr. Freeman said Liberians have zero confidence in President Sirleaf administration ability to provide security.

“This administration is relying on one thing that Liberians do not hold onto issues too long, that Liberians will talk about things for two weeks and it will go to rest, so, on that basis, it is said that there is a plan to get rid of critical and potential people so that it clears the way for the person who the administration prefers”, said Freeman.

with high wave of insecurity in the country, the police has also not arrested anyone with homicide on the rise in the country
with high wave of insecurity in the country, the police has also not arrested anyone with homicide on the rise in the country

The opposition CDC also described the death of Greaves and other recent deaths as a mafia-style execution. “The emergence of a mafia-style execution strategy perpetrated against any one Liberian – constitutes a threat to every well-meaning Liberian – a populace the CDC speaks for. The CDC is clear that experience tells that an autopsy is not a solution by itself. An autopsy simply presents a Pathologist’s opinion on physical facts that might have led to death. It tells no one of the individuals who did the killing or the motives for the death. It might rule out a few courses of actions but does not establish an answer to all things”, the CDC stated. The regime of President Sirleaf has continuously boasted of freedom of expression, saying there are no opposition politicians in jail or facing intimidation from state security forces. Jerolinmek Piah Presidential Press Secretary described as useless and senseless allegation linking the President to the death of Mr. Greaves.

“To have the slightest of imagination that she (President Sirleaf) could even get involve or her government was involved in the killing of a citizen is painful,” Piah explained when he appeared on state radio, ELBC. “You know that there are fierce critics of the government, some of them manifested in different quarters, whether through the representation of political parties or media institutions…., no one has touched them”, Piah said. Piah assured that while the public perceptions about the alleged involvement in the death of Greaves continue to be heard, the government remains committed to investigating the death.

“While they give their perception, while they exercise these acts of senselessness and madness by insinuating that Mr. Greaves must have been killed by the government, the government on its part remains committed to ensuring that there is a process – credible, independent and professional to assist us investigate what has unfolded”, Piah continued. The death of Greaves is one of two mysterious deaths in recent time where bodies were found in the same vicinity-the beach.

Former GAC’s consultant Michael Allison body was found in 2015 on the beach with no report of circumstances surrounding death released so far, creating suspicions in the public about government’s ability to thoroughly and transparently investigate high profile suspected ‘homicide’. Also delays in finalizing investigations surrounding the recent death of Guaranty Trust Bank Manager, Dan Orogun is also factor for the emerging negative perceptions from some sector of the public. Orogun died when he fell off a boat while on a ride with popular Liberian Businessman, George Kailondo. source FPA

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