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Onus On Liberia National Police to solve Greaves Murder

Am hearing that Harry Greaves’ driver is being detained and questioned by the Police for possible involvement in the death of Harry. At the same time not a single employee of the RLJ Hotel is being detained and questioned by Police. If such is true then something must be amiss here. To the best of public knowledge, it was the driver who raised the alarm after spending the night in his vehicle awaiting the return of his boss which he was never to see alive again. As a matter of fact Harry went missing on the premises of the hotel. To the best of public knowledge, No search was conducted on the premises of the hotel by Police.

At this point it will do the Police well to examine security incident logs firstly to determine whether the hotel security recorded the driver’s report in their log. Next we should look at the vehicle log to establish time Harry’s vehicle entered the compound as well as those that entered after him and when they left.

We should also look at hotel access control procedures, critical incident and response procedures and standard operational Procedures. Did hotel security for instance place the hotel under lockdown following the driver’s report? If not why not?
And did the Police take similar measures when they received the report? If not why not? Didn’t such lapse afford perpetrators to clean up and get away with Harry’s dead or living body in tow? Other hard questions remain for example how did hotel security come into possession of Harry’s clothes and phone and other personal items? Were those items dusted and examined for prints?

Further has the Police examined Harry’s call logs from the various service providers which might give them clues as to who may have lured him to RLJ hotel a supposedly safe place? It is being said that Harry was having an affair with a married woman whose husband had once accosted him but Harry reportedly dismissed him as a “poor ass”. Who is this individual assuming the story does have some truth to it and has the Police called him in for questioning?

Additionally has the Police looked at insurance records just in case someone who stood to benefit had placed a price on his head?
Liberia, especially Monrovia being the small place it is, gossips and rumors spread easily through concentric layers. And so who were Harry’s avowed enemies and why did they want to see him dead? As it appears, Harry’s mutilated body showing overt signs of gross sexual abuse clearly suggest that Harry’s death was not caused by drowning. It further suggests that those responsible had very strong intent driven by hate to do so.

And the motives, while not yet clear, appear to jive with widely bandied stories that certain people felt that Harry had a big “Zipper Mouth” that needed to be shut. And the opportunity would present itself at the RLJ to where he would be lured and to where his assassins would be lying in wait.

Now a nagging question is why would his killers chose the RLJ to carry out such a dastardly act? Why were they assured in the belief that such a prominent individual, a frequenter at the RLJ and well known to hotel staff could be killed and his body taken away with out anyone raising alarm?

Did they know that the surveillance cameras were not working and did they get such knowledge assuming they had prior knowledge?
What now remains is for Police to apprehend the culprits. We are following the matter closely and we urge all concerned to do so until Justice is served.

John Stewart

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