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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Please Do It For Liberia!

An open Letter

After colluding with Samuel Doe to ensure that no progressive took part in presidential elections in 1985 by supporting the ban that no party with socialist orientation must participate in the elections of that year, we forgive you.

As a result, at the height of the popularity of progressives like Baccus Matthews, Togba Nah Tipoteh, Amos Sawyer, they were denied elective office. Not satisfied, you colluded with members of the Americo Liberian oligarchy, such as C. L Simpson, Taylor Major and others to fund Charles Taylor that resulted in the total destruction of our country.

We forgive you thinking you were a Liberian nationalist. We gave you power in 2005 believing that you would right the historical wrongs of the past and provide the economic transformation required to put us on an irreversible path of shared prosperity. Instead you resurrected the misdeeds of the past, multiplied astronomically and we are mired in endemic corruption, unbridled nepotism and crony capitalism, so much so that we are stuck in neutral. Despite some progress as compared to where we were during your wars, but we are the fourth poorest country on the planet.

When we express our disappointment, we are insulted by paid illiterate and uneducated youngsters with access to social media. When we ask questions of your ministers, they cuss us and remind us of the small favors they did for us under your government, which incidentally does not provide for competition but continues the patronage system. Many of the young men who are getting unmerited financial support to attend prestigious universities, from our tax dollars are the main ones who insult us daily, not even scared that our tax dollars may choke them one day.

Now, added to our woes and frustrations, two people who have been critical of the deep and corrosive corruption at the state owned company are found dead. We are not saying there is foul play, but the coincidence is really mathematically highly unlikely. But we will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Having said that, I Samuel P. Jackson am appealing to you for your own good to accelerate the process to find out the cause of death of Harry Greaves asap so as to lower the anxieties. The public is scared and anxious. Political parties and civil society groups are readying massive protests if they do not feel justice is done. You owe it to the Liberian people to quell these fears. I would hate to see people go in the streets under these difficult economic times. Opportunistic violence might ensue and mar our country’s image. I am worried that businesses might slow down if such occurs. Even right now, there is trepidation in some quarters. People are scared. Do not listen to your sycophantic inner circle. I used to write you private messages on things like this, but you have squandered the goodwill between us by listening to gossip and lies from your new found sunny day friends. I hope they are there for you at the end.

As much as I am disappointed, I pray for peace and an orderly transition in 2018. I do not want to see your administration feel the force of people power. You saw a small glimpse in 2011, November and December, when you were calling me to help quell the noises. I did that not because you were in the right, but because my country deserves peace, the peace that you did not give others where they were in power. I want you to have no excuses on that day in January 2018, when you relinquish power and start being graded by your people. And you have to then answer to the 12 years of peace, tranquility, and good will from us, the people of Liberia.
Please do it for Liberia. And so it goes.

Sam Jackson

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