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The Gruesome Death Of Harry Greaves

The lifeless body of Greaves found as the same spot of michael Allison---could this be the work of seriel killer?
The lifeless body of Greaves fgound as the same spot of michael Allison—could this be the work of seriel killer?
President Sirleaf has called for a search abroad, (the USA, UK etc) for a competent pathologist to conduct an autopsy on the body of Harry Greaves.

Her call appears to contradict Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh’s declaration that a Nigerian pathologist had already been hired to do the job raises questions about the transparency of his arrangements particularly so when there are competent Liberian pathologists abroad who can perform the same service.

One name that readily comes to mind is that of Dr. Zwannah Dukuly. Has the GOL contacted him or has a call been put out to Liberian pathologists residing and practicing in foreign parts? Moreover it is a stinking national shame that in over 10 years the country has not produced a single qualified pathologist yet our leaders say Liberia is safe and sound and that our security forces are quite capable of measuring up to the task when UNMIL withdraws.

Further how is it that a modern and supposedly 5-star hotel not have surveillance cameras that do not work especially in these times when terrorism has made its presence felt right on our doorsteps? Did the recent terrorist attack on a hotel in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso did not ring alarm bells in the ears of management of the American owned hotel?

Additionally one is left to wonder why does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have mounted surveillance cameras to cover the beach area behind the office of the President?

I know for sure that UNMIL does have surveillance cameras that cover the beach as far as the Executive Mansion to the west and as far as 8th street to the east. Has the Police requested any such help from UNMIL?

Additionally has the police examined any footage from the surveillance cameras mounted inside of the hotel? If not why not and if so let the Police show the footage on local TV. Perhaps the public might be able to help in providing clues to the identities of third in the footage.

It is said that Harry knew too much insider details and that he talked too much. Lately he had disclosed in a press statement that NOCAL had $80 million U.S. dollars in its account but same had dwindled to about $500,000 U.S. Dollars in less than a year.

A short period after this he hoes missing and is found dead on the beach near the Foreign Ministry. In a similar development months earlier, NOCAL whistle blower Cllr. Michael Allison was found dead on the same beach within the same vicinity only a few yards from the where Harry’s body was found.

Note that NOCAL appears to be a common thread liking the two cases. So the question lingering on the minds of the public is whether NOCAL or anyone within NOCAL or with ties to the institution has link to both deaths. Did for instance someone within NOCAL order a hit on Harry? If so, who is that person and what were the motives for doing so?

Or similarly did his wife have anything to do with his death considering that they for whatever reason had become estranged?

And if so what were or could have been the motive for doing so? Did money have anything to do with since there there is common talk around town that it was Harry’s personal resources that revived an ailing business and even opened an outlet in Paynesville?

So what were the parting arrangements? Did Harry feel short changed and as a result sank into such state of depression that he took his own life or vice versa, did his wife feel so angry and aggrieved that she acted alone or conspired with others to kill him (Harry) in a desperate act of revenge?

Then there are issues with the RLJ management. Fro available evidence it is clear that Harry did enter their premises but unclear when or how he left especially since his vehicle was still parked on their premises.

It is possible that Harry was killed on their premises and then taken away. From my perspective they should be considered prime suspects in this matter, although Police Director Massaquoi was at pains to explain that the RLJ hotel it is the beach and not the hotel which is the crime scene.

It is very possible that RLJ management could have colluded or are colluding withe perpetrators by declaring that their surveillance cameras had been damaged by lightning.

Now if their account is true, when did it get reported that the cameras had been damaged by lightning? Was the observation written and if let us see the paper trail between staff and management as well as management’s response to the observation from its technician involved.

The last question is did state security have anything to do with this although President has declared in the wake of Harry’s unfortunate death that govt has critics but not enemies.

It is my considered opinion that GOL should take this matter seriously. Like the Samuel Dokie and Nowah Flomo deaths that haunted Taylor’s reign, the death or murder of Harry Greaves, once former confidante of President Sirleaf and later outspoken critic if left unsolved will haunt the legacy of President Sirleaf and that of her government.

Finally let me express my deepest condolences to the family for such a tragic and irreparable loss. The onus is upon all of us to ensure that Justice is served without favor or prejudice and that the family of Harry Greaves get closure on this matter.

And let me warn that those who are seeking to return us, this country to its bitter past shall never succeed as they will certainly be exposed.

May God have mercy on the soul of Harry Greaves and grant peace and rest eternal, Amen!

John Stewart

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