Information Ministry staff Jubilate As Lewis Brown Departs

MONROVIA—Concerns have been raised as to whether recycling OF government officials will serve the intended purpose in the penultimate year of her [Sirleaf] 12-year term. Critics are skeptical about the suitability and capabilities of the ministers recycled, suggesting that many square pegs themselves [are] operating in round holes.

Reports from the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism [MICAT] revealed that the employees have been quietly jubilating since the removal of Minister Brown from the ministry. One of the directors alleged that the minister manipulated everything in the Ministry, including their gas slips and allowances.

A source at the ministry who preferred not to be named, decried the social habit of Minister Brown’s Comptroller said, “I am praying that the new minister will ensure that employees are treated fairly and based on qualifications and experience, because the allowances were being given to some people referred to in the ministry as “would-be-employees, rather than the actual employees.”

As minister, Lewis Brown had serious problems with the Liberian people, because he was actually known for not telling the truth.
“He says one thing today and says a different one the next day,” a potato green seller at the Waterside Market commented when she reflected on the mixed statements of Minister Brown while trying to protect Minister George Werner’s so-called proposal on reforming the educational system of Liberia.

“When people are appointed to political positions, they usually say things that will make them look like they have some things better to offer, so let Lewis Brown go with his plenty talking; He finally killed the sleeping giant,” an employee of MICAT commented.

The former Minister is said to have picked bones with his lieutenants and many media institutions. He also responded to people in uncivil manner, thereby prompting negative reactions to the government’s policies. His departure from MICAT is being viewed as an opportunity for media entities and the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) to better partner with the government.

In spite of the invaluable contributions of private media entities during the Ebola Virus outbreak, former minister Brown dangerously schemed to deny critical media entities advertisements.

An inside source confided in the In Profile Daily that the ministry was divided into two groups of employees-the insiders and the outsiders. “To be an insider means you are one of the persons the minister loves and would like to deal with. I was an outsider, which almost led to my dismissal,” one of the employees said. The employee, “Thank God, let him go and leave the “sleeping giant” with us.” source


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