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The Liberian Senate Must not confirm Lewis Brown

Hawa Wesseh

It is hard to understand Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and why she makes some of these appointments—it’s hard, why award Lewis Browne with another government job, as such an ambassadorial position to a country on the Security Council, according to sources close to the presidency—he’s going to the Court of Saint James, England to replaced Amb. Von Balmoos who just passed.

Lewis Browne, are you serious, this Charles Taylor National Security Adviser, who at a time when Sierra Leoneans babies, mothers and the innocent people of that peaceful country were being butchered in cold blood—hacking off their limps cruelly, not to mention his historic advises to the Taylor killing machine, and a really close ally to Taylor even to the last minute. Don’t confirm him!

This man has never worked in the private sector all his life, a close adviser and confidant to Taylor, he then comes to Monrovia in 1996, immediately Operations Octopus is launched with him at his master’s side, because of Taylor’s biggest gun he goes to the LPRC, then become Liberian Foreign Minister under the blood thirsty dictator, National Security Adviser, etc etc, instantly becoming wealthy. Today he calls himself a political opposition politician and finally lands in the “Iron Lady’s” cabinet! What a shame! Don’t send him anywhere in Liberia’s NAME! He has skirted the FOI and refuse to declare his assets over the years.

Speaking during the MICAT regular last week press briefing in Monrovia, Mr. Brown said “Liberia’s transformation is indeed on its trajectory to build a more just and equitable society for all. This can be fashioned on the works of each of us. I thank the Legislature and the Judiciary for their cooperation. I understand that the tangibles- roads, ports and electricity- have understandably commanded public interest.”

What is he talking about, for a moment, let’s repeat him: I understand that the tangibles- roads, ports and electricity- have understandably commanded public interest. There has always been interests in these matters, and what cooperation is this man talking about, Lewis Browne is a farce! Once he is nursing a governemnt job, he’s cool!

“But I have seen our society leap forward on account of the changes in the intangibles. This is through the coordinated efforts of the three branches and evolution and consolidation of the new governance model in which the legislature has gotten stronger and judiciary more independent.” Pandering…he talks about an “equitable society,” this gravy seeker.

“Even though politics prevents the public from admitting to this,” [there is a public outcry in the streets , Lewis Brown— the abuse and reckless waste of government resources and the sheer disregard for public opinion in our opinion and everything just can not be reduced to politics Mr. Brown, as is, just demonstrated by you.]

Then he says “the new democratic order continues to unfold, Liberians and friends of Liberia are settling in the truth that Liberia’s political transformation is irreversible.” And if its irreversible Mr. Browne, it is NOT because people like you have contributed anything of significance to this discourse, if you did not hurt it, you have feed on the morass of what has been an albatross around our necks and shoulders, but yet, somehow, people like him depends on political patronage continue to ride the system!

This man has profited enough off of tax payers dimes, he needs to find his way into the private sector or the so-called political opposition! But knowing Lewis Browne, how else could he survive?

“I thank the Liberian media for their cooperation [and] support. Of course we have had our ups and downs but like we partnered against Ebola, I leave with the impression that that partnership can grow beyond the sidelines of the ‘watchdog’ into one which elevates the Liberian journalist to a place around the table of national decision making,” he said. He didn’t even mean it, he knows the Liberian media won’t want him confirmed, sweet talk them if he can!

“The simple truth is that each action or inaction of the government affects all journalists [every Liberian], their families and friends. This, then, is why journalists must continue to advocate for that which makes our country better.” And this is, simply his best quote, that journalists must not shrink from their responsibilities because the in-action of the government affect us all. Don’t send this man to England, enough already!

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