Election 2015: give these candidates a second look

By Emmanuel Savice

If you were born in Liberia in the 80s and are living in Liberia, the only peace you have seen is under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government. That means your life was destroyed by politicians, denying you the chance to have decent education and other skills to support you and your families. You are the main victim, rubbed of the chance many older Liberians enjoyed peacefully.

You are going to have to forgive yourself and act rightly. Past elections have proven many of you not considering your future. Voting for people who point out flaws in past governments, but have no idea of the way forward, may be some of the reasons why Liberia is presently the fifth poorest country in the world.

You are going to have to consider contestants with the right policies and reasonable implementation strategies. You have to think out of the box. No more thoughts of a rich contestant, UNLESS he/she can present policies and implementations model. This age group has made many mistakes and have refused to teach the the new generation what to look for in a candidate. Let 2017 be our starting point.
The candidates, whether presidential, senatorial or representative, will have to go under the microscope for evaluations. Their track records should be looked at carefully.

B. Urey
B. Urey

Do not vote for George Weah because he is the most successful African Football Player.
Do not vote for Benoni Urey because he is seen as the richest Liberian.
Do not vote for Jewel Howard-Taylor bacause she was our former first Lady.
Do not vote for Charles Bruskine because he is a successful lawyer.
Do not vote for Alexander Cummings because of his top position with Coca-Cola.
Do not vote for Prince Johnson because he is your tribal man.
Do not vote for VP Boakai because you support Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Do not vote for Mill Jones because he has helped increase micro loans in Liberia.

Cast your votes based on the fact that the candidate recognizes the resources of the country belongs to all Liberians. Let he/she justified in many policy speeches how the first branch of government salaries can be reduced, and how corruption can actually be tackled to prevent a few Liberians from getting rich at the expense of the poor majority. Vote right this time as the chance is yours again.

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