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New Year’s Prayer for all Liberians/Africans

By Joseph Gbaba

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear
The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid
When the wicked and even my enemies come upon me to eat up my flesh
They shall stumble and fall!

Love the Lord and do good to all you meet
So that his name will be eternally praised
Share your love, wisdom, knowledge with all you meet
And comfort the broken hearted, the poor, and rich alike

And do not segregate because the God we serve is a just God

Younsuah loves all of us just the same
And what he does for me he’ll do for you
So be not envious because of evil doers
Because their days are numbered

And they shall wither away with the passing of time!

I still have deep faith and hope that we as Liberians
Will overcome the pains we are going through
If we pray sincerely and ask for God’s mercy
For no burden is too heavy for him to bear on our behalf

Because the Lord is true to those who worship him in spirit and in truth

Therefore put away your evil thoughts for your own Liberian/African brothers
Your own Liberian/African Sisters
And embrace them with warmth and love
Because we are all family

And a family tree can bend but it cannot break

Because we are from one navel string–Liberia!
Happy New Year to all and see you on Saturday in the thousands
on January 9, 2016 to hear the message of love and hope
I have for you @ the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts

Come let us put Liberia back on the international map of culture

Education, and political goodwill and stop wasting our own time
For twenty-seven years have already been wasted in the breeze
And twenty-seven more will be wasted beginning 2017 if we don’t sober up
Because time and tide wait for no man and soon we’ll all be gone

Remember a child born December 24, 1989 is today twenty-six years old!

That’s how backward we have transgressed against ourselves
And disenfranchised ourselves as a people and a ‘sovereign’ nation
So, come and let’s cry and shed our tears of sorrow and remorse together
Come all you Kwa Nation peoples: Krahn, Kru, Grebo, Bassa, Deiweion,

Belleh, Sapo, Gbi Come all you Mande Manjahs,
Manalins, and Massgees: Kpelle, Lorma, Mende,
Kissi, Gbandi, Mah, Dahn, Vai, Mandingo, Gola
Come all you Americo-Liberian and Congor folks

Come to the discussion table and hear the good news

That Liberia will rise again and our house will be put back together
Because the Lord is our light and our salvation we shall not fear
And all those who want to destroy Liberia to erase our blessed heritage
From the golden pages of history shall stumble and fall!

All hail Liberia hail This glorious land of liberty

Shall forever be ours to keep and to uphold
From now henceforth and forevermore!
May the blessings and peace of Younsuah be with all of you
And members of your households including the unborn in their mas’ wombs. Amen.


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