Liberian Presidential Candidate Alex Tyler Cannot explain his Massive Wealth

Listener Staff Report

In the same year he announced his bid for the Liberian presidency, as he broke away from the ruling party to formed his new and own Liberian People Democratic Party [LPDP]; Speaker Tyler also the last few weeks unveiled a new exotic hotel, restaurant, sports bar outside Monrovia, the trendy Jandy Paradise in the city of Marshall.

Tyler in his declaration of assets to the NEC in 2005, according to FrontPageAfrica earned a monthly salary of US$207.
fast forward to 2016 and he is a millionaire.

He told the Nationational Elections Commission on his assets declaration forms ten years ago that he was owner of a building worth US$5,173 in Monrovia. Tyler has also been indicted by the Liberian Anti Corruption Commission for impropriety.

Tyler won the speakership in April of 2007, winning reelection during the 2011 general elections. Responsible for appropriations as head of the legislature the speaker has over the last three budget circles allotment over US$1 million or more to his office.

This budget circle [2015/2016 National Budget] the office of the Speaker is assigned a lion share of about one million fifity eight thousand [US$1,057,567.] Tyler will spend on his office staff about 394,622 in compensations, and US$552,945 for use of goods and services, while $U.S.110,000 will be used for consumption of fixed capital.

the exhotic Jandy Paradise
the exhotic Jandy Paradise

Speaker Tyler told reporters,“Before coming to this stage, before coming to be a representative and a speaker of the House of Representatives, we owned properties in this country. The fact is some of us believe in something, between January 2003 to June 2003, I lost over US$5 million in this country from my investment at the time, I was not a politician.”.

Reports say, Tyler did not declared this loss in his election filing to the NEC in his 2005 asset declaration forms, and he has yet to comment on this huge troubling disparity, as he touts himself as the best candidate to lead Liberia in a post Sirleaf administration which Liberians say was a period of waste, considering the vast corruption which attended Sirleaf’s rule, and Tyler observers say a direct beneficiary.

Of late, the flamboyant speaker has come under immense criticisms and pressure from ordinary Liberians to explain how under his watch bogus contracts were ratified at the legislature which he leads and the abuse of of public trust and funds by the legislature itself under his watch.

“I was a bit frustrated and I passed it by my wife and obviously she got devastated by the news. So I started to reflect for a moment…” he said of Sirleaf refusal to attend the opening ceremony of Jandy Paradise, his exotic hotel in Marshall, questioning how a sitting speaker got to opened such an opulent structure.

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