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Revenue Collection Requires smart investment

The Editor,

Liberia’s Revenue Commissioner (Elfreda Stealwart-Tamba) says that spending US$270,000 of your hard earned money to buy glitzy cars (9 SUV’s) for tax collectors to drive on mud roads is a “smart Investment”

Oh really? (Re “Revenue Collection Requires “smart investment”, Daily Observer)
But can we get a second opinion on her “smart investment”?

After all, it’s your (taxpayer) hard-earned money, so who do you think will make a “smart investment” with it? You, the taxpayer or Elfreda Stealwart-Tamba? You, of course..but she thinks government knows best!

Remember, this is the same Government-knows-best employee (Elfreda Tamba) who, rather than renovate state-owned properties at a lesser cost, went on a spending spree, choosing to spend millions of your tax dollars, renting luxury offices with flat screen TV’s and a hair salon for the Executive Revenue Commissioner ! (Re “LIBERIA SPENDING MILLIONS ON RENTAL, STATE BUILDINGS IN RUINS”, Frontpageafrica Online.)

To her, “smart investment” means lavishing other people’s hard-earned money on stuff that she won’t spend a penny of her money on! But doesn’t she have a responsibility to spend the people’s money wisely?

Hey Mrs. Tamba, the Liberian taxpayers are tired paying for your flashy cars and your horrible hairdos!

But yet she tells you that spending more than quarter of million of your tax dollars is “smart investment”…….. “Smart investment”, my arse!
Does this woman think you’ve mud in your brains?

Look. It’s time to put your thinking cap on! A red flag should go up immediately when your Revenue Commissioner (Elfreda) spends your money buying flashy cars for mud roads, and tell you that it’s a “smart investment!”

But will your good-for-nothing lawmakers call for an audit of the Liberia Revenue Authority? Oh wait, I forgot, they’re nothing but ‘coldwater’ lawmakers! Losers!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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