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Liberian Foreign Minister Ngafuan Resigned for Embezzling Japanese Funds

Philadelphia—Months after his recent resignation as Foreign Minister from President Sirleaf’s government, the Chairman of the newly certified “All Liberians Party”, Mr. Emmanuel Lomax infers that former Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan resigned for embezzling millions of dollars from the “Japanese Fund” provided by the Japanese government as assistance to the government and people of Liberia.

The opposition party Chairman made the stunning revelation recently when he addressed partisans and a cross-section of the Liberian community in Sharon Hill, outside of Philadelphia in the United States

Mr. Lomax inferred the truth behind the resignation of former Minister Ngafuan was given to him by Mary Broh, a close confidante of President Sirleaf and Director of the General Services Agency of the Liberian government who also served as former Mayor of Monrovia, Liberia’s capital before she was transferred to her current position.

The All Liberians Party Chairman further disclosed that Director Broh contrary to reason the former Foreign Minister for his resignation citing “code of conduct restriction” in conflict with his ambition to seek the Liberian Presidency in 2017, the truth is the former Foreign Minister resigned because he embezzled millions of dollars from the “Japanese Fund”.

Mr. Lomax went on to further say, Director Broh also disclosed to him that President Sirleaf’s decision to accept former Foreign Minister Ngafuan’s resignation was not on the basis of the “code of conduct restriction” but the President accepted his resignation not to embarrass the former Foreign Minister.

The opposition party Chairman made the revelation in response to the audience’s concern of the depth of corruption in Liberia.

The former Liberian Foreign Minister tendered his resignation recently citing his ‘code of conduct restriction’ in conflict with his desire to seek the Liberian Presidency in 2017.

Mr Lomax told the town hall meeting that he was in the United States to set the trajectory for the eventual arrival of the “All Liberians Party” in the United States in January after President Obama lifted sanction on Liberia in an Executive Order recently and that he believes Mr Urey who was on the United States Treasury’s “Specially Designated Nationals” list and barred from entering the United States as well as restricting its citizens from doing business him on accusation of breaking United nations arms embargo on Liberia and gun running.

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