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Liberian Assembly extend session by six weeks!

The Editor

Am I missing something here? For the past 8 months, our lawmakers haven’t passed a single bill to improve the lives of ordinary Liberians, but yet this September the President asked them to stay an extra six weeks!…(Re”Liberia Legislature Extends Session by Six Weeks”)

For what?….. To do more goldbricking? Or call in sick?

Perhaps the President have faith that, in the next six weeks, these tired lawmakers will do something good for ordinary Liberians.. But, do you think they’ll get any work done in those extra six weeks? Please.

If you want them to do something, you have to bribe them, oops, I mean give them “cold water”!!

Otherwise, you should expect these our lawmakers to do the same usual thing they’ve been doing for the past 8 months..i.e …NOTHING!
For your information, there’s place called the Capitol Building, where elected officials, wearing exotic Liberian apparel go to do NOTHING, but (a) accept bribes, (b) watch p.rn on government computers and (c) blow hot air up our butts (engage in passionate debates), so people can think that they’re actually doing something! And the Liberian media will cover them with a straight face!
But we all know that these elected officials are a yarns. To these clowns, it’s not about doing what’s good for the country, it’s more about lining their pockets!

The longer you keep these people in session, the more they will do nothing for our country.
Martin Scott,
Atlanta Georgia

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