The Editor,
it time to admit that LTA (Liberia Telecommunication Authority) is not doing its job. I wish the President would go on EBLC and say, “My fellow citizens! Our LTA commissioners have fail the consumers, and that effective immediately, she was firing them”
But do you think she’d do that? Please…You ever hear Fanti woman say her fish is rotten?? (Re “LIBERIA’S INTERNATIONAL CALL RATES UP WITH NEW LTA ORDER”)

According the the aforementioned article, by the stroke of a pen, these commissioners, oops, I mean have jacked up the price of international call rates to line their pockets again! And you know what that means, right? It means that my free loading family in Liberia would have to spend more money to call America to beg for money!! But more importantly, it means that the Liberian people are getting screwed!

For God’s sake, when will these LTA Commissioners ever stop telling the Liberian people to sacrifice more?

1) Aren’t these the same plunderers (LTA commissioners) who were under investigation, waaaay back, for “reckless booty of revenue generated from the telecommunication sector?” (Re “Citing Unapproved Plunder of Millions, Liberia Legislature Orders Investigation of LTA, Frontpageafrica Online)

2) Aren’t these the same officials who got busted for spending other people’s hard-earned money to buy flashy cars for their non-essential government jobs? (Re “Flashy Cars Amid Abject Poverty: LTA Ignores Excessive Waste, in Rants at FPA)

3) Aren’t these the same criminals who have arbitrary power to jack up prices (phone calls) and use that money to buy themselves fancy cars and flat screen T.Vs for their air-conditioned offices? (Re “LIBERIA’S INTERNATIONAL CALL RATES UP WITH NEW LTA ORDER”)
The next you see Weeks (LTA Chair), in her tainted SUV, say “Hey, you madame! When will you people stop pocketing from a poor man like me? If she rolls her eyes at you, you know you have got her! You should do the same thing to the other LTA Commissioners!

Don’t you think these commissioners deserve to give an honest answer to this issue? I do.

But I’m still waiting for our President to show some spine! ….Madame President, it’s time to get rid of these commissioners! Their acts are making our people poorer and poorer!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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