Liberia’s Indicted MD Matilda Parker Entered Non Guilty Plea

MONROVIA—Both the indicted former Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) Matilda Wokie Parker and Comptroller Christina Kpabar Paelay threw out a challenge to state prosecutor on Thursday when they denied all charges against them. Parker dressed in yellow African attire with black spot and a black head-tie while Paelay in white suit worn since the trial begun on November 10, 2015 stood before the court with right hands up while the clerk read the volume of indictment against them.

Following the reading of the indictment by the clerk and ascertained their plea both responded in the negative but in a loud voice where everyone witnessing the case could hear from every corner of the court. “You have listened to the reading of the indictment are you guilty or not? Both of the defendants looking straight into the eyes of the middle-aged clerk replied “we are not guilty hereby entering issue with the state.

State lawyer and also Montserrado County Attorney Cllr. Daku Mulbah confident of overwhelming evidence ahead of the trial following the not-guilty plea from the defendants asked the court go have the jurors selected to commence the case. “Prosecution at this stage prays this honorable court to order the Sheriff to call out loyal dedicated and trust worthy citizens of Liberia for the purpose of having them to sit on the case at bar as trial judges of fact” said Cllr. Daku Mulbah.

Other part of the prosecution’s request reads: “your honor by leave of this honorable court has the said prospective jurors will thereafter pass properly scrutiny to be sequestrated so as to afford them the opportunity to handle the hearing of this matter without any outside intereference”. Defense lawyer Atty. Arthur Johnson interposed no objection to the prosecution’s request for jury trial meaning that the two defendants are to undergo jury trial. “The defense counsel says to this court that they interpose no objection to prosecution’s application for jury trial and submit” said Atty. Johnson said.

Based upon the prosecution request which the defense interposed no objection the presiding Judge Blamo Dixon ordered the clerk of the court to address a communication to the office of the court administrator of the Supreme Court that the parties in the case have demanded jury trial and that the proper mechanism be put into place for jury sequestration.

In his ruling on Thursday the Judge also ordered that one of the defendants be issued a writ of arrest of co-defendant Denmar Martin Flomo of 19th Street Sinkor and also ordered the writ of summon against the Denmar Enterprise owned by and thru Denmar Enterprise while the case was adjourned to resume on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. source Kennedy Yangian

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