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University of Liberia Students Go Amok, Disrupt Classes

The Editor,

Why should the Liberian taxpayers be FORCED to subsidize hoodlums who are out there, thrashing our streets; disrupting the free flow of commerce; and vandalizing private property? (Re “University of Liberia Students Go Amok, Disrupt Classes)

If you think these so-called students are not hoodlums, go look at their pictures on Frontpageafrica:

When you get there, you will see a bunch of hoodlums, oops I mean students– vandalizing private property, blocking traffic, and stopping productive citizens from working!

For your information, in fiscal 2011/2012, the government allocated US$13 million of your tax dollars to the University of Liberia (LU) to educate these sorry-a.s students, but we all know that most of them can’t spell simple words or do elementary arithmetic! (LU math, 2 + 2 = 5!). Oh wait, they know how to use big big words that doesn’t make sense!

For years, the Liberian taxpayers have wasted their hard earned money, trying to educate these hoodlums, but nothing have changed.

Every time there’s a disagreement with the administration (LU), a handful of hoodlums, often noisy and violent, take over our streets–vandalizing private property, blocking traffic and stopping productive people from going to work or school..! Hey, you can take the man out of the bush, but you can’t take the bush out of him!

But how long are we going to put up with such nonsense? These hoodlums have no home training, no respect for authority, and no respect for the the rule of law, but yet we are spending millions and millions of our tax dollars subsidizing their mediocre education.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with them. It’s time to teach them that there are consequences to their behavior:

For starters, how about stopping all taxpayer subsidies to these hoodlums at LU and giving them a good a.s-whipping for blocking traffic? You will be amazed how FAST they will learn to behave– when you connect consequences to their behavior! Spare the rod, spoil the LU student! 🙂

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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