Broh Returns With Presidential Mandate To Clean Monrovia

The Editor,

Is this the second coming of bada.s Mary Broh? (Re” Broh Returns With Presidential Mandate To Clean Monrovia”)

Broh brings a lot of passion, energy and enthusiasm to her work. She’s smart, she’s hardworking, and above all, nobody messes with her!!!

In 2012, she whacked a senate staffer (Senator John Ballout’s assistant) for disrespecting the Lord Mayor of Monrovia (Mary Broh)!

As Passport Director, she straighten out the Passport Division. She successfully curtailed corruption and improve the overall morale and efficiency at the Passport office. During Broh’s tenure (passport director), applicants got their passport within 48 hours!! God bless Mary Broh!

But after Broh left, the new passport director, Mrs. Tennena Deline, turned the passport office into a “cold bowl” shop! She started selling cold beer and leftover food from her house!!
Back to Broh:

As acting mayor, Madame Broh was da bomb! She blew up illegal structures on the streets of Monrovia (Don’t Raze Me Broh!). She made heathens “pump tire” for thrashing the city, and threaten to ship their back to the bush! (Don’t Ship Me Broh!)

Bringing Broh back to clean up the city is a wise decision.

Welcome back, Madame Broh. It’s time to kick-a.s again!!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia

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