Re “Scandalous Legislature: US$100K for LIB Renovation Missing”

The Editor,

Why would anyone in their right mind entrust thieves with other people’s hard earned money? (Re “Scandalous Legislature: US$100K for LIB Renovation Missing”)

We all know most of our govt officials and especially our lawmakers are nothing but leaches on the national purse, but yet the Ministry of Finance gave them our hard earned money to play with… Do you have “STUPID” written all over your forehead, Mr. Minister of Finance?

According to the FPA article, the Ministry of Finance gave US$100,000.00 to Rep. Sekou Kala (UP-District #2, Monsterrado County), who, then disbursed it to his coleagues of the House and Senate Ways and Means committee” And now the money is missing…Are you surprised? Please…

But where the hell is the GAC, the LACC, the PPCC, the LNP, the NSA, the MOJ (I’m not singing a rap song here!) when you need them? They need to get off their fat as.es and do their jobs!

I, for one, would like to see Representative Kala take the perp walk in West Point: Being paraded down main street, in orange jumpsuit, with school children behind him, beating their pots and pans, chanting “thiefy thiefy!, Jankoliko! Thiefy! thiefy!, Jankoliko! Kala Hero!, Jankoliko!!

Hey, you can waste your chamber bucket on Rep. Sekou Kala during his perp walk!
That’s how we used to treat thieves in West Point! Our crime rate was the lowest in Liberia then!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

Liberian Assembly Building pic

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