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Prince Johnson Former Warlord Kicked Out Of Senate Committee

When the name of Senator Johnson was called as one of those on the ad hoc committee, there was uproar in the Senate as several Senators expressed their disapproval in hushed tones. Some Senators, including Gaye, Weah, Saytumah and Naathen amongst others opposed the inclusion of Senator Johnson on the committee because, in their opinion, Senator Johnson’s inclusion on the committee could damage the integrity of the committee, thereby rendering its recommendation questionable.

Defending the inclusion of Senator Johnson on the committee, Pro-Temp Armah Jallah said because Nimba has one slot on the committee like other counties, Senator Thomas Grupee was chosen but he instead rejected. Hence, it left him with no option but to pick Senator Johnson. After several minutes of arguments and consultations, the Senate changed their decision by omitting the name of Senator Johnson and forcibly replaced it with Senator Thomas Grupee who earlier rejected his nomination on the committee.

Senator Johnson, like many other warlords, faced the nine member commission in 2008. During his appearance at the public hearings, the Nimba Senator told Liberians that he has not killed anyone, a comment many Liberians saw as insincerity to the higgest level. President Sirleaf whose communication the Senate is setting up a committee to discuss is also recommended in the TRC report to be banned from holding public office for 10 years.

Legislative observers at the Capitol Thursday frowned at the Senate decision against Sneator Johnson with many aruging that if the Senator is unfit, President Sirlraf should also not write a communication worth discussing by the Senate because she is also named in the TRC report. The Nimba Lawmaker while serving as head of the rebel group the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) along with his men were captured on camera arresting and excuting sitting President Samuel K. Doe. Source FPA, Henry Karmo

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