Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has announced his resignation



MONROVIA—Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has announced his resignation in Monrovia. The resignation takes effect October 10, 2015. He tenders his resignation in anticipation of throwing his hat in the pending 2017 presidential and legislative elections. Minister Ngafuan did not specify which position he will be seeking.

He first worked for President Sirleaf as budget director, then as finance minister during her first term, before moving over to the foreign ministry.

“As our dear country braces itself for a democratic transition in 2018, I have over the months been deeply reflecting on the challenges ahead and what contributions I can possibly make to my country and its future. I have been widely consulting on my future with family, friends and well-wishers both at home and abroad. Consistent with the outcome of my reflection and consultations.

I made it unequivocally clear about two years ago that I did not intend to be inactive in the 2017 Presidential and General Elections, which depending on how it pans out, will determine whether our country will progress or retrogress,” he said in his resignation letter to the president.

The Minister said he was mindful of a recent code of conduct passed by the legislature which calls on appointed government officials to resign their positions two years pending their participation in any political campaign.

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