Open Letter Liberia Football Association: James Debbah’s Contract

Dear Liberian Football Association,

Our editorial staff bring you greetings. We also want to thank you for steering football activities in our beloved Liberia.

We have received letters from our readers that Liberia’s newly appointed coach James Salinsa Debbah’s contract, and those appointed along with him have not been revealed publicly, since he was signed to manage the national team, the Lone Stars. If however the details were made public we are yet to see same. We would be glad were you to please abreast us of this contract, in an effort to know the terms and conditions of this national assignment, so our readers know what was penned, if however the information is not meant for public consumption, Please let us know.

Please rest assure we will make another effort on this matter again before we go to press with a story we have been working on in light of this current concern, if we do not hear from you.

We wish you all the best and good luck to your FA President in his endeavor to succeed Mr. Blatter, and the upcoming afcons qualifier.

Kind regards,

“Lost time is never found again.”~Benjamin Franklin

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