Kofi Woods Challenge President Sirleaf Govt To Take him to Court

M O N R O V I A—Woods is challenging the government of Liberia to take him to court to enable him answer to his stewardship at the Public Works Ministry. Said Woods: “I therefore challenge the government to do what is right, take me to a court of competent jurisdiction to answer for my stewardship”. The human rights lawyer indicated that he is grateful that Liberia is reaching a point where the culture of impunity will be addressed by officials accounting for their actions.

“I am grateful that we are reaching the point where we can collectively end impunity and ensure that we account to the Liberian People for our stewardship both past and present. We appear to be ushering the age of accountability”, declares Woods. Recently, Woods commenting on the ongoing saga at NOCAL where the entity is about to lay off a number of employees called on President Sirleaf to take responsibility for the crisis.

Addressing a group of women, Woods said “”The leadership of this country is fully responsible and must take responsibility of what’s happening at NOCAL, all the things they are talking about giving them severance pay is not correct…giving those guys money is not adequate, it is insufficient and is limited you cannot talk about an oil company collapsing and you are talking about retiring the head of the entity and giving him severance pay, how can you give people money at an Oil Company that has collapsed?”

Upon return to the country from an official visit to Tokyo, Japan, Madam Sirleaf agreed with Woods, taking responsibility for the NOCAL saga but also called on Woods to do same while serving as head of Public Works Ministry. “I suspect that former Minister Woods will be equally responsible for things that happened under his watch when it comes to the problems we had at public works, so the head person takes responsibility even though they may not be directly responsible. That is my response to that” said President Sirleaf.

Woods says he maintains his position on NOCAL in spite of the exchanges with the President. “The President, in her recent address to the nation, announced that the Head of NOCAL will be honorably retired and severance benefits paid out. I disagree! I believe that a full management audit be conducted. This must include financial, procurement amongst others. Liberians need to know why a once potentially viable entity has so spectacularly collapsed” said Woods.

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