Liberian Rights Activist Chides President Sirleaf for Bad Governace

President Ellen Johnson is being blamed for the level of hardship in the country. Her former Public Works and Labour Minister, Samuel Kofi Woods said it is because of the poor performance of the President`s leadership that Liberians are encountering hardship.

“The bad leadership of Madam Sirleaf in our country should be held fully responsible for all the hardships that we are going through during this period of time,” Minister Woods noted. Though he did not provide enough details of the president’s poor leadership style, Mr. Woods, however, highlighted other issues such as injustice being practiced by the government.

Woods, a human rights activist who has been critical of the government since leaving office in 2013, said Liberians are relinquishing behind bars in several prisons across the country as a result of injustice practiced by the President Sirleaf-led government.

“The case of the imprisoned 13 juveniles and other accused Liberians that were arrested along Ivorian-Liberian border in Grand Gedeh County are all geared toward the practice of injustice,” Woods told throng of praying women at the Fish Market area adjacent the residence of the President Sirleaf.

He named corruption, nepotism, discrimination including looming poverty amongst others as vices that are hindering the progress of the nation. “There is an ardent need to have strong prayers so as to help mitigate the devil, if Liberia is to return to its status quo in terms of normalcy,” he emphasized.

The former official of government further emphasized the issues of arm robbery, rape, and ritualistic killings as issues that need to be addressed by Unity Party-led government. “All of these need to be re-addressed by the President Johnson Sirleaf`s regime so as to help promote good governance in the country,” he stressed.

Also, Mr. Woods criticized the manner of removal of the head of the National Oil Company of Liberia Dr. Randolph McClain, without “genuine reasons,” describing same as a disservice to the public. Kofi Woods, who availed himself for audit, used the occasion to call on the General auditing Commission to audit all government institutions and functionaries and former officials of government and if guilty they should be prosecuted.

He said, “If we need transparency and accountability in our government, there is a need to conduct a general audit of every former and current government official that are in and out of the country.”

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