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Dehkontee Artists Theatre Showcase Liberian Culture

Press Release
Dehkontee Artists Theatre

Recently, there was a Show Case of Dehkontee Artists Theatre’s Participation at Embassy of Liberia Cultural Extravaganza in Washington, D.C. Among personalities that were invited to the all-day cultural extravaganza by Dehkontee Artists Theatre [DATI] were Ms. Ethel Lewis from the PG County Arts and Humanities Commission and Countywide Arts Coordinator Alec Simpson. The guests were entertained and educated on the culture and history of Liberia by DATI’s Founder and Artistic-Director, Dr. Joe Gbaba, accompanied by James Krischen Wah, Sr., President of DATI. One of DATI’s chief focus is to provide culturally relevant education for minority students and children of color.

During the occasion, Dr. Gbaba provided children of Liberian/African descent born in the United States some information about the history and culture of Liberia, as well as the significance of the symbols contained in the Liberian Flag and the Liberian National Seal, respectively.

DATI hopes to make a difference by partnering with the Arts and Humanities Commission of Maryland and that of PG County in providing cultural education and vivid African history and performing arts to educate and entertain all Americans and foreign nationals as well as Africans living in the diaspora.

The Liberian Lone Star Flag was one of the national ensign and artifacts displayed at the DATI stand. DATI’s President James Krischen Wah, Sr. also took time to explain the photo exhibits to visitors who stopped by to interact with members of DATI, according to a press release.

The cultural extravaganza was full of fun and great intellectual interactions. Also in attendance was Gabriel Williams, Minister-Counselor at the Liberian Embassy in Washington D.C. Williams, the press release said, was one of Dr. Gbaba’s first spectators/fans when he wrote, directed, and produced his first drama production entitled “Life Story of Kekula” at the Open Door Theatre in Yekepa, Nimba County, Liberia, forty-one years ago!

Children were the focus of DATI’s presentation at the cultural extravaganza. “Inclusion” was DATI’s overarching theme.


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