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Liberia at 168: Ellen Johnson has not helped the narratives

A COUNTRY FOUNDED by freed American slaves, who controlled the nation’s existence were instrumental in laying the basis for what is today the Republic of Liberia. Out of that troubled past, with no system, haphazard institutional setup, patronage, all borrowed from the unsettled life that was slavery in the Antebellum Southern United States, conspired to form a country that 168 years later; is the fourth poorest country on the planet. TODAY, A NATION founded on the cusp of the American Civil War and one which played a major role in…

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July 26 Is Liberia’s 168th National Day

MONROVIA, July 21 (LINA) -President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has by proclamation declared Sunday, July 26, as Independence Day to be celebrated throughout the Republic as a National Holiday. The Proclamation added that since the Day falls on Sunday, it will be commemorated on Monday, July 27. According to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs release, the official festive celebration will take place under the Theme: “Celebrating Our Community As a Strong Foundation For Accelerated Development” The Presidential Proclamation urges all citizens and foreign residents within the borders of Liberia to observe…

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“Ellen Dishes Out US$16,780 to 750 Graduates”

The Editor, I mean no disrespect to the President, but whose money is she dishing out like that? Is it her own money or da other people’s money? Re: “Ellen Dishes Out US$16,780 to 750 Graduates.” The great economist, Milton Friedman, taught us that there are four ways to spend money: 1) spending your own money on yourself, 2) spending your own money on somebody else, 3) spending other people’s money on yourself (hint: Nocal executives!) and 4) spending other people’s money on somebody else! (hint: CBL’s micro-finance program) Look,…

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