“FIFA Legacy of Corruption Under Blatter and Bility Pledge to End it”

The Editor,

Does Musa Bility have the credibility to become FIFA’s president and clean up its corruption? The answer is a big fat NO! (Re “FIFA Legacy of Corruption Under Blatter and Bility Pledge to End it”)


FIFA is starving for a leader with good moral character, so how can you expect a ‘back-scratcher’ like Bility, to clean up its corruption, when much of Bility’s past is sketchy?

1) Does a man (Bility) who accepted bribe money for his vote to grant the World Cup to Qatar sounds someone who will clean up corruption in FIFA? Right now, Bility is looking for someone to hold his bribe money before he gets arrested. Let’s hope he gets arrested first before he runs for FIFA’s presidency! (Re “Liberia’s football Chief Bility Probe in Wake of FIFA Scandal”, www.frontpageafrica.com)

2) Does a man (Bility) who was indicted for tax evasion sounds like someone who will stop corruption in FIFA? Let’s see…in America, people go to jail for tax evasion! But in Liberia, Bility goes to the Executive Mansion for dinner with the President! How the he.l did that happen, Madame President? (Re “…Indicted Criminal Bility Wins Liberian President’s Praise”, www.frontpageafrica.com) and (Re “Gov’t Takes Bility to Court for Tax Evasion, Heritage Newspaper)

3) Does a man (Bility) who was indicted for stealing from the Liberian people sounds like someone who will end corruption on FIFA? Bility will do anything to line his pockets and he has done it flagrantly! (Re “Liberia Indicts Ellen Crookum, Musa Bility, LBDI, FIB Diaspora Consultants, Other”, Frontpageafrica)

As you can see, Bility is a born rogue! His past history disqualifies him to be President of FIFA!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia

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