Liberia’s True Whig Party Getting Started

Staff Report

Liberia’s oldest political party in the country, the True Whig Party has resolved its conflict with a sincere promise to work together as one body.

Speaking at the press conference yesterday in Monrovia, the Immediate Past General Secretary and Executive Member of Liberia Council of Churches, Benjamin Lartey consented that members of the TWP have resolved their conflict.

Mr. Lartey, an Executive member of the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia and the National Elections Commission (NEC) who was appointed to mediate in the True Whig Party conflict said on October 9, 2013, he was approached by the NEC and asked to mediate in the inter-party conflict within the True Whig Party.

Mr. Lartey said the nomination came as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the two conflicting groups within the TWP, namely Reginald Goodridge faction and that of Mr. Peter Vuku.

According to the TWP mediator according to the MOU, the Elections Commission said she could no longer recognize the leadership of the TWP because the tenure of the Chairman, Peter Vuku has expired.

Accordingly, the NEC required that the two groups work together to organize a credible convention that would lead to the election of a new corps of officers for the party, a condition upon which he, Dr. Lartey could serve as mediator.

“Our first concern was to understand the root causes of the problem in the TWP and work to build confidence among the conflicting parties because the conflict lasted for ten years,” Dr. Lartey intimated.

“The TWP was unable to field any candidate or participate meaningfully in both 2005 and 2011 Presidential and General Elections as well as numerous by-elections for Legislative positions in the country,” Dr. Lartey said.

He stated further that now that the conflict within the TWP has been resolved it is expected that the party will hold its National Convention on July 6, 2015, in Bentol City, Montserrado County.

Dr. Lartey said at the National Convention of the TWP he will serve as presiding officer to be assisted by six persons to be nominated by Reginald Goodridge and Peter Vuku.

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