Liberia’s Lavish NOCAL Travel Rumors

The Editor,

Who give these bureaucrats (20 executives at NOCAL) immunity to steal from us with impunity? (Re: “Lavish NOCAL Travel Rumors Abound…”)

The last time I checked, NOCAL was a state-owned enterprise! In other words, we the Liberian people own NOCAL.

As owners (shareholders) of NOCAL, shouldn’t we have access to the minutes of their board meetings and audited financial statements? And shouldn’t we hold them accountable to spend our money wisely?

If NOCAL’s CEO (Randolph McClain) and his board members want to take lavish trips, why can’t they use their own damn money to pay for their plane tickets?

But like most Liberian owned state enterprises, these born rogues, aka NOCAL executives, have arbitrary power to spend other people’s money on themselves and third parties (concubines, politicians and political prostitutes) recklessly:

Want $5,000 cash (plus gas slips) to pay each member to attend board meetings? No problem. Randolph McClain usually get his $5,000 six months in advance!

2) Want money to spend on Monrovia young women while they rest of the population suffer from mismanagement of government resources.

3) Want money to pay lobbying fees to lawmakers to look the other way? No problem.. .

So why you are surprised that 20 executives of NOCAL have allotted themselves super-sized travel allowances?

I’m not!

Most of these so-called executives are behaving like organized members of organized crime syndicates (LTA looters, NPA MD, LWSC Board, lawmakers).

But look,

As long as those clowns in the Capitol Building, with oversight responsibilities, keep taking bribes, oops, I mean lobbying fees (quid pro quo), to look the other way–don’t expect the Liberian people (shareholders) to have any idea how much travel allowances NOCAL executives have allotted themselves, it is a shame!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta Georgia

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