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Tubman Bounces Back

The Editor,

Didn’t the last presidential election prove to you that Winston Tubman was a sore loser? (Re “Tubman Bounces Back…”)

Bounces back, my butt!

Perhaps you may have forgotten about this sore loser’s duplicitous behavior, so allow me to refresh your memory:

1) This was the same Tubman who told a crowd in Ganta (Nimba County) that “The only way we (CDC) will not win is if we are cheated”…as if to say Winston already knew the results of the SECRET ballots.. (Re “Too Unwarranted Winston Tubman, The New Dawn Editorial, Sept 16, 2012)

2) This is the same Thug-man who threaten to make “Liberia bitter and ungovernable”!, if their (CDC) demands weren’t met!

3) This was the same Tubman who said that government security killed 6 or 7 CDC protestors, but only 1 person was actually killed, according to Sister Lauren Browne Commission (Re “Bloody Monday”, Frontpageafrica)

Those of you who still support this loser and unscrupulous politician should be ashamed of themsselves! Can you do us a favor and stay away from the voting booth in 2017?

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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